2009 lucero video

Levis Jeans and Leather Jackets…

The new Lucero record is finished. HURRAH. This is possibly the thing I’m looking forward to most in 2009. There’s no info on it yet, but I did find an awesome live set from DC earlier this year. And dude, they cover ‘Aint No Sunshine. I’ve heard from people there that it was the drunkest anyone has ever seen Ben.  I was reading a Suburban Home post a while back and the writer exhibited some concern Will Whitmore was going to get “Nicholed” before he had a chance to play. Good Going.

Here’s a video from the same dude who recorded the set (he posts loads of awesome stuff from around MD)

and here’s the link for the live set.

“Chariots of Fire” – Ben Nichols and Rick Steff from Tony Bowman on Vimeo.

2009 lucero TV

I'm not sure how I feel about this

So, MTV seemed to have ripped off Josh Schwartz’s web only show Rockville CA, with their very own fake reality vehicle $5 cover. Why in the hell am I posting about it? Lucero are in it, that’s why.  Watch and try and figure out how you feel…. There are interviews and shit up on the site, but it’s geo filtered and I can’t be bothered with proxy stuff tonight.

MTV five dollar cover Trailer (HD)

2008 2009 lucero personal punkrock video


Last night’s full moon made me crazy, so I stayed home with Su, drank a bunch of wine and listened to a lot of alt.county (until it started making her sad). I’ve had a really Cory Branan heavy day today which is never a bad thing.

I was cruising videos over at vimeo and I found this one of Lucero doing Nobody’s Darlings at the Ottobar in Baltimore and it resonated with me for a number of reasons. 1) I’m pretty sure Robyn was at this show, I miss Robyn greatly. 2) I’ve had the funnest nights at the Ottobar and 3) this may be the saddest rendition of the song I’ve ever heard. (Also it’s awesome quality, I fricken love vimeo) so yeah. Lucero. Awwwww.

“Nobody’s Darlings” – Lucero from Tony Bowman on Vimeo.

punkrock video

her eyes might not shine…

I’m going to write a proper blog within the next couple of days, promise. Once my last day at the most depressing office in London is over I’ll surely feel inclined to write again. Today though, I just found this and it actually made things slightly better.

Hold up – – is that Brett from Riot Before covering My Best Girl all acoustic like? Wowzers.

Awesome.  also, Dear Lucero, what the fuck – it’s been almost a year. Come back already. I especially mean you Nichols.


new lucero live video

Johnny Davis. It’s got to be new Lucero time soon, huh?

lucero punkrock

her lips movin' with the words, her lips swayin' as she turns…

I know it’s just the crazy Pisces full moon and Jupiter and Pluto being about to go direct and Mercury about to go retrograde, but seriously… it’s getting hard to stay awesome positive with all the crazy. I only figured out today that it’s the September full moon in Pisces every year that makes me all crazy before my birthday, I’d just figured I was freaking about being old. For someone who considers themselves perceptive I really need to be more alert.

But hurrah anyway, rainy September is upon us, and new Gossip Girl, Dexter, 90210 and True Blood have already been watched. Dexter – hmmmmm, I’m not sure. I don’t think I like Jimy Smits character and I got a little bored midway through the episode. It’s a bad sign if I am getting bored midway through S3E01. Really. I still HATE Rita,this means Julie Benz must be amazing at playing her ‘cos I loved her as Darla, she’s just such an annoying weak family orientated doormat. I still don’t like Deb either, her faux masculinity and desperate need for validation grate on me. Actually, on thinking about it, I don’t really like any of the cast much, with the exception of Dexter. The writers on that show do an amazing job, to make me feel as unattached as their protagonist yet keep coming back to watch week after week.

90210 doesn’t even bear talking about. We already have Gossip GIrl and it’s all we need for disposable teen TV thanks. Oh, and Rufus totally has the hot dad thing sewn up, so please don’t even bother.

Do you get that thing when you have a record in your collection that you know pretty much back to front, but then you listen to something else that contextualises in a completely different way ? (You know what a sucker for intertextuality I am) See, I’ve been listening to “We’ll Inherit the Earth – A Tribute to the Replacements” a lot recently. I think it’s my favourite covers record ever, anyhow, this made me go downstairs to my actual physical format music and transfer the Replacements “Tim” onto my ipod. Getting to know that album well has put a whole new spin on Lucero’s “Nobody’s Darlings”. I literally cannot stop listening to Sixteen right now. And that was pretty much the song that made me fall in love with Lucero in the first place.

I don’t really have much to say about it, I’m gonna put all the relevant songs on the mixtape I’m making tomorrow, and for now I’m going to go and spend the day watching movies and be excited about best girlfriends and cigarettes and whiskey drinks.

gaslight anthem lucero

you've got a nice hand but never show your cards

Oddly hopeful, eclipse day passed without any huge incidents, we’ll see whether the lunar eclipse in virgo in a couple of weeks passes as smoothly…

Went to doctor and felt better about life, met robyn and lizzy, went for lunch, went into town and spent time at shops full of ridiculously priced clothes and ranted about punk and art for a while.

We were planning a big girlie night, but we were all knackered from walking around all day. So we started watching Blade, then they fell asleep and I decided to have a bath, at 10pm on a friday. Rock and fucking Roll.

Since I already spent too much money on hair colour and lush products today, I decided to make it all better by ordering some stuff from the lucero merch site. go me. Oh, and some guy told me Cory Branan might be playing the UK in a couple months.

Recently things have been making me feel weird and twisty inside, but in a good way. 2 days til Breaking Dawn, and 24 til Gaslight Anthem, this is when summer starts to get good.


well I tried, but I can't run no more..

Aaaahhh, sunday nights, shaking off the last remnants of hangovers before the work week once again appears with it’s always too early on monday face, catalogue the weekend in your head, smile a little, sigh a little, drink some tea, listen to some mixtapes before it’s time to sleep.

It was a fun and messy few days with Alanna, much fun was had, more alcohol was consumed, secrets were made, wrestling was watched, all night conversations happened, zombina was seen, friends were made. It was a pretty satisfying weekend all in all.

Next week, mercury starts to go forward again, I can literally afford to do nothing, it’s gonna stay cold, and I’m looking forward to some much needed downtime. Just me and my mac and some books and magazines.


Oh, and I found this on the lucero website, and I think we’re all well aware of how I feel about one Mr. Nichols.


Summer Mixtape


Click here to download it.

And here be the tracklisting….


If only you were lonely..

I can’t stop listening to that song, be it the the (original) Replacements, the Ben Nichols cover or the Hi Ho Six Shooter version (from the Replacements punk tribute) it’s all infectiously good. I might upload them later so you can sigh too.

Went to the Big Red 5th birthday party on friday night, with Poke and Robyn, Morrissey was there. No, really. Morrissey was there, with some friends, just kicking back in Holloway. Haha. There was a fair amount of fan boy worship going on, but mostly people just seemed to respect his privacy, which was good. I ended up in the usual drawn out smoking arguments about what emo was, and how it’s clearly Dear You that is Jawbreakers best record. It was nice to see some old faces too. Poke and Grimes were done by about 12.30 though, so we all headed home, early as you like.

Robyn trying to snap Morrissey without him seeing

Had perfect hangin’ with my bestest day yesterday, lots of wandering, and shopping, and hanging, and PLENTY of rehydration.Wish she didn’t live in the back of fucking beyond. I don’t even think it’s a zone. I think it’s a letter. Jeez!

It’s Bookers birthday tomorrow, Hulk premiere Tuesday, SATC with Grimes Wednesday, and I’m pretty sure Alanna is up as of Thursday/Friday so I’m enjoying some solitary downtime with movies and cleaning today. This weekends revelation. I really do like to be alone. Haha.