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This is the reason I didn't write the epic blog I was planning on writing

the kids by you.

And it’s also the reason that I didn’t make the mixtape I planned on either. Sorry! drunk Kim is not productive Kim. I’ll make it up to y’all though, promise.
This week I am going to see Badlands at the BFI, David Sedaris reading at Bloomsbury Theatre, and Zombina and the Skeletones with pretty much all my favourite people in the world.
Did I mention September RULES ?

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on staying in, hanging out, sleeping, 70s rock, popularity and the supernatural

Long weekend has been exactly what was needed. Got to stay in, do girl stuff like DIY and cake baking, go out and do girl stuff like brunches and shopping and got to do some repeating of things I haven’t done in too long.

Friday was (hurrah!) new Bust day, so headed to Borders in Angel and bought it, then met Robyn for coffee and Lizzy showed so we went and got lunch. Then headed into town to meet Alanna who was coming up to visit. Lizzy made us go to the Luella Bartley store, which she lured us to under the pretense that there was some sort of gothy/psycho vibe with the new collection. Eh…. not so much.

The Bond Street part of the West End where the store is located always makes me feel sick to my stomach, with the wanton consumerism, don’t get me wrong, I’m a stuff junky, and I own far too many threadless shirts, but Jesus, the SUVs and £175 in the sale jeans represent everything that’s wrong with the world non?

So Robyn and I looked a little disgruntled as we stood in the centre of the antithesis of everything we know, before we headed out to buy organic toiletries. haha

It was crazy hot and we walked far too long, and I really, really hurt for it. Lizzy sorted me out with her discount at Sallys though, I am once again the proud sporter of the blackest black hair. It took forever to get home and somehow Alanna and Robyn both drifted off during a rewatching of Blade. Friday night and everyone asleep before 11. Rock and Roll.

Did give us the opportunity to get up early ish and go to pick more daisies for brunch ( I <3 pick more daisies) and then do lots of pottering/shopping/tea drinking/hating/discussing/discussing hating. All of this led to some fat free cake baking, and some room rearranging, before we made quorn fajitas and watched Almost Famous.

Almost Famous still makes me feel like a teenager when I watch it, and it makes me sad that there is no rock’n’roll really, anymore. And then it makes me wish that I excelled the way Cameron Crowe did, and didn’t find alcohol and partying instead. It still makes me feel sort of sad, the amount of potential I just threw away. I had fun and all, but it was kind of underachieving fun. Talked to Alanna for a couple of hours, I miss having actual conversations about stuff and I’m always caught a little off guard when they happen. My head still feels a little weird and lots of things that had been slotted into different compartments are starting to need some refiling. It confuses me.

Today all I could be bothered to do was have me a Buffy Marathon, watching Season 1 downstairs in the living room, and the end of Season 6 up here in my room.  Buffy Summers and Co are like my comfort blanket.

I have another day off tomorrow, and I’m super stoked on getting Breaking Dawn. Edward Cullen can once again be a part of my life. RIght now I can barely stay away to type.


dexter season 3 preview


come on fall, I cannot wait for it to be less humid, get darker earlier and have a 20 tv shows a week habit.

new dexter looks awesome I think you’ll agree.

p.s. you have to click the title of the entry to see the whole thing.



perfect evenings

I just had one.

Came home and Guri cooked an awesome meal for us, spent hours on the phone to various friends I haven’t spoken to in ages, did some pampering, watched music videos on youtube and remembered things, and felt genuinely content.

I thought I’d post one of my favourites…



This week has been strange, in that nothing at all seems to have happened. I’ve been a little bored, although I have loads to do, summer wants to get started properly already! Payday tomorrow, but still budgeting so not a huge amount of fun. I wanna get d-r-u-n-k this weekend. Who’s with me?


greatest thing ever

well flickr related greatest thing ever.

just wow.

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I just watched

The Beautiful Ordinary/Those Were the Daze…
 I reviewed it on my spout account here.
Who wants to come with me to 1994? I’m totally in the mood to not know anything, so things still seem like a giant adventure. Being midway through the ride can never compare to the goosebumps you get before it begins, huh?

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mixed up moods

PMS + Mecury turning retro + no money + my own company + slightly worrying doctors visit yesterday = my moods being off the chart today. As long as I keep myself occupied with books and movies I don’t melt down –  too much. Listening to JTB for the first time in a while. Makes sense again. I guess 2 weeks of awesome positivity was always going to be followed by a low. I’ll be fine again tomorrow I’m sure, it’s not heartache, but it feels like my heart is about to explode for a million different reasons that are currently trapped in my chest.

Further North has always been incredibly comforting to me…

The road tonight is cold with ice and no cars pass by.
Thank god for no phone call.
Just snow and a fire.
December endings and since you sent me things, I just feel further north.
This year took ten years to tell me that I’m alone again.
Everything here’s about to break.
I’m one inch from all that I can take,
and it’s beautiful and sad, but it’s all that I have.
So tonight, let’s stay inside.
I’ll be the husband with a book for a bride.
Tonight, let’s stay inside.
I could play guitar.
I’ve got so many songs that you never heard,
and they weren’t about you.
I won’t change a word just because you’re gone.
The trees creak with arthritic arms.
Brittle in their powdered bark.
Blue moon light, I can’t cry right, but I miss you tonight.
Everything here’s about to break.
I’m one inch from more than I can take,
and it’s beautiful and sad, but it’s all that I have.
So tonight, I’ll stay inside.
There are things that I’d like to try with you, but I stay inside.
Tonight, I’ll stay inside.
I could play guitar.

Here’s to a rainy sunday.

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wtf? I mean seriously, wtf?

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nights like these…

last night, was probably one of my most awesome nights ever.
lucero were (as usual) amazing. and it just got better.
today, my head hurts.
but the world seems full of newness, new opportunities and people and things.
I’m starting to like 2008

tonight went to big red with paul, poke and drew, drank a couple beers, ate some food, listed stuff. it was a good time. oh, and my web hosting eventually let me upgrade to 2.5 on this blog. fuck yes!

oh, and tara is coming to stay in september for at least a week – WOOT!

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