2012 Design thoughts


I’m not usually one for positive messages and quotes, I lived for that shit when I was younger but somewhere around your early thirties it becomes difficult to not find the whole thing “put a bird on it” twee.

This being said, I stumbled across the “To Resolve” project the other day and it changed my feelings somewhat. I don’t know whether it’s just that the designers involved are awesome, or that I find myself temporarily free of contract, or that it’s the end of the worst month of the year – but I’ve found myself wondering what I want to be doing more of in 2012 – and this project made me think about it a little harder.

To Resolve is a design project launched last year by Chris Streger in which he asked a whole bunch of super talented designers to create an iPhone wallpaper of their new years resolution. Idea being that if it’s not just written on paper, but it’s on a device you look at a hundred times a day, you’ve got more chance of remembering your resolve.

Anyway, if you’re feeling a little uninspired I suggest you go check it out. As someone who rarely finds the time to do anything creative anymore and spends all her time thinking, I’ve downloaded David Pfluger‘s to try and remember mine.


2011 books thoughts

But can James Franco write?

I just got finished with James Francos first fictional offering “Palo Alto“, this afternoon, and I have some thoughts about it that I’d like to share with you.

It’s set out as a series of short stories, each from different characters who live in and around the Palo Alto area in the mid 90s. Some of the characters know each other, others don’t. Some are male and some are female, they’re mostly around high school age and few seem to have many scruples.

Firstly, at the beginning of the book I was struck by how simple it was to read, considering Franco’s boner for Gus Van Sant and being an “artist” and all I was expecting a pretty verbose affair, but the the prose was super readable and the characters immediately intriguing if not intrinsically likeable.

As I progressed through the book it became apparent how massively in love with Easton Ellis, and indeed the entire blank fiction movement he is. The prose is sparse, the characters are mostly misogynists and the interconnectedness of the characters is less like a hipster Tales of the City and more like The Rules of Attraction picked up and planted right in the middle of mid 90s Palo Alto.

The thing was, I couldn’t figure out if I liked it. It was a pretty engrossing read and he’s obviously crazy talented in a myriad of departments, but I don’t know how interested I am in books about horrible teenage boys anymore (No-one here has even a hint of Holden). I think if I was in my early twenties I’d probably love this. And it’s definitely better than anything that Ethan Hawke has written. It’s pretty hard to read this and not imagine Franco’s Freaks & Geeks character as any one of the male protagonists. Although even he would have difficulty making some of these guys likeable.

It reads quite similarly to Nick McDonnell’s “Twelve” but that might just be the disaffected youth thing. All of this being said, it’s one of the simplest things I’ve read recently and I’m glad I did. I like his style, I’d be interested to see a change in subject matter, but I think that might be because I’m 33.





Top 5 things I wish I had this week

    • Retractable fangs. Like in True Blood. Stop calling me a goth.
    • Some willpower. I suck at refraining from anything right now.
    • The week off work. I need me some downtime.
    • A Sookie Stackhouse/Edward Cullen like ability to know what other people are thinking.
    • Seen Twilight already, like a girl I met at a film party last week.

      All of a sudden I miss everyone

      I’m having the worst loneliness pangs this evening. I’m so much sadder than I thought I would be that Robyn is gone. Too much rain and TV and Jimmy Eat World and an evening spent alone have left me with time to ponder. I get that it’s not just me, I get the world is fucked right now, I get that it has to happen and I understand that it’s the beginning of the Saturn Uranus opposition. I understand all of this, but it isn’t helping any.

      Heroes and Gossip Girl didn’t ease it for longer than their on screen time, I’m hoping that this is a one off night thing and not the start of a pattern. I had a pretty happy streak for months there! I got the Ben Nichols solo record today, and that cheered me up some. I need to stop feeling like an emo teen and turn Clarity off.

      Who wants to get drunk this weekend?

      Movies thoughts

      I lit a fire that wouldn't go out…

      I just watched smart people. I must stop watching US indie dramas, particularly ones set around dysfunctional families and books. It makes me yearn for something I’ll never have in the meanest of ways.

      There seems to be some sort of a party going on downstairs in my house. I’m in my room downloading movies.  I did want to have a bath but noisy people are ruining that vie somewhat. Not drinking makes me no fun. I can’t wait for this medication to level out and take my moods with it.

      Why do I think of time spent with others as somehow more valid, like if you’re with someone else then you’re doing something just by hanging out ?  Also, I have recently noticed that the older I get, the more I lack direction. Am I doing this all the wrong way round I wonder ?