I am chuck bass

I’m not miserable today. The sun is shining and I found I AM CHUCK BASS.COM and for some reason, knowing other smart people take Gossip Girl as seriously as me makes life better. It’s priceless. Lou and Tish are going to love it.

On a side note, I’m listening to the Van Pelt for the first time in ages. The Van Pelt were awesome.

why the fall schedule rules.

It’s happened, the fall schedule is officially in full swing, and this weeks influx of all our old favourites has been the icing on the cake called september.

No longer do I have to actually talk to the real people I know in the world, that kind of behaviour is reserved for televisual wasteland of pesky summer. Now I can resume my regular slightly less sociable pattern with my old pal rapidshare and clever use of google. It also means that given I suck at giving up going out midweek I am sleeping far, far less.

Anyway, this week. Heroes. Hmmmm. I’m not 100% on how I feel about the first two episodes yet, apart from Kring is SUPER into his multiple plot lines this season, and he was REALLY into them for the first two. Mohinder suddenly got hot when he injected the serum, Hiro may be beginning to annoy me. I’m back to being in love with Sylar now he’s all evil and strong again, I wish he HAD killed Clare. Nathan’s I love God routine I find interesting, future Peter at least has some balls, I’m glad Parkman is wondering around in the middle of nowhere (I just wish I didn’t have to see him do it) and Angela being in charge of Primatech? g-e-n-i-u-s. Look, all of that and I didn’t even cover half of the narrative threads. Woah.

Gossip Girl, I’m really glad the boring Dan and Serena thing is over, I (for one) am completely over Dan, yes, he may have started to look good in a vest this season, but his self righteous working class hero routine is starting to grate on me. Mean Serena also fucking RULES. She is no longer whiny and needy, if this carries on I might start to like her more than Blair. Wowzers. Also really happy Nate has told old Brooklyn bad hair to fuck off too, we love Nate. Chuck Bass, what are you wearing this season?

HIMYM – Is it me or did it start a little weak? And who hates Star Wars ? and I miss Barney being Barney.

Supernatural – When I first started watching this show it was entirely based on the fact that it had hot boys (I love Padelecki from back in the days of Gilmore Girls) and monsters in it. It wasn’t supposed to be good, and for the first season it really wasn’t, but a crazy thing happened over the course of the next couple of seasons, and it actually started to get awesome! Someone sorted out the script writing, it literally became darker in every-which-way and also everyones hair really improved. I heart Supernatural, and the first two episodes of season 4 have been every bit as good as their season 3 predecessors. Dean punches his way out of the grave ? Hell, it worked for Buffy.. and now there are angels (but mean badass ones) and demons fighting out the prequel to Armageddon on earth. I’m totally sold. I’m such a sucker for good vs evil, and I’m practically orgasmic for anything end of the world-y.

I was gonna do Criminal Minds and True Blood here, but I just re-read how much I’d already ranted and figured I could save them for tomorrow. (this is what happens when I stay in on a saturday night after coffee with poke in the diner.)

stoked on the future

I really am, for pop cultural reasons including.

  • Breaking Dawn being out 2 weeks today
  • Gaslight Anthem playing August 25th
  • New Gossip Girl September 1st
  • New Heroes September 22nd
  • My birthday the same day
  • True Blood at the end of September

HBO show about Vampires based on the Southern Vampire Mysteries. Wait – Vampires ? The South ? HBO ? I’m so in. And like Poke and I were saying today, if it goes well they’re going to have to green light Preacher, which would make the world a far better place.

As soon as pesky “summer” is done and fall can start things are gonna get AWESOME.

Right, I’m off to do a pedicure and watch the wackness.

oh my oh my

I can’t believe it’s still only wednesday morning, this week is d-r-a-g-g-i-n-g. you know? On monday evening I went to see New Amsterdams with Miles, they were awesome, better live than on record (duly noted) and waaaay more country. Matt Pryor did a solo acoustic encore of 3 guk songs. He finished on I’ll Catch You. I was worried about the impending emo-ness of the situation. (Matt Pryor, solo acoustic break up song, ex boyfriend) but it was all suprisingly fine.
Was super tired all day yesterday, but still managed to watch the season finale of Gossip Girl. Come on – you guys are killing me here? break ups at weddings with a death cab soundtrack? I’m trying to stay posi here! haha. I don’t really know how I feel about the tacked on *one week later* bit either.
I didn’t even do anything last night, just made dinner and hung out, was asleep by 10, but I’m still incredibly tired today. Can’t wait to go home and sleep some more. So far, until someone makes me a better (and equally cheap offer) that’s my plan for the bank holiday weekend too. Pay day is still 9 whole days away. Gah!

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some older guy with a motorbike, picks her up after school..

New Gossip Girl was pretty awesome.. definitely made yesterday better. As did after-work drinks. Go summer. Although this mornings drizzly greyness has me wondering whether that was it for tee-shirt weather. Social calendar is beginning to fill up, starting to remember what I liked about being single. Actually doing stuff. I totally understand why people are edge, I do. But… it does lead to being incredibly anti-social (especially in England) and I’m not just talking about M here, pretty much all edge kids I’ve ever known. I’ve come to realise recently that I’m mostly over this whole scowly outsider thing. Really, turns out I’m an inherently social person. I need that contact with other people. I need to talk and learn things and do things. And why are there helicopters circling my office? Anyway, yes. There was some positivity in all that chattery nonsense I just typed.
Takeways – I’m going to be totally okay and GO SUMMER!
Also, it’s a week (give or take) til Robyn moves home . WOOT! Come on 2008.

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