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So, I’m currently working on a super-secret, super-awesome project with a super-secret someone. More about that later.

I asked my lovely friend Jo (better known to you as Miss Led) to draw me a simple pencil portrait for said new super secret project and I love it, so I thought I’d share it with you here.

Also, you should check out for more of her stuff, as it’s great.

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Tara left about 30 minutes ago, and I think I already miss her. It made me think want to listen to jawbreaker -ache, “these days the people I love are spread so far apart” for the millionth time. Global community is all good with me, but I think we have a tendency to forget about the downside of it. There are people dotted across the planet (some of whom I’ve met in real life, and some of whom I haven’t) that I would count among my best friends and kill to actually get to hang out and grab a coffee with.
This isn’t yet another I hate England lament, nor is it a sleight on my English friends, for even if I did somehow figure out a way to live in the US I’d miss half of them like crazy.
It’s just been on my mind recently, what with my best friend having to move back to the US at the end of August and just how fucking difficult it is to spend time with your friends as you get older and all have separate lives and careers and families. I consider my friends my family, always have, and not getting to see them as regularly as I’d like kills me.
Anyway, I didn’t want to get miserable about it, I was just thinkin’… I’m gonna go and meet Jamie and Poke for coffee and pie at The Diner. Team Autumn is slightly melancholic. I’m going to NY in December anyways.
teh kidz

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This is the reason I didn't write the epic blog I was planning on writing

the kids by you.

And it’s also the reason that I didn’t make the mixtape I planned on either. Sorry! drunk Kim is not productive Kim. I’ll make it up to y’all though, promise.
This week I am going to see Badlands at the BFI, David Sedaris reading at Bloomsbury Theatre, and Zombina and the Skeletones with pretty much all my favourite people in the world.
Did I mention September RULES ?

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I loved you Guinevere..

Know what I love ? Sunday afternoons on my own. All listening to Death Cab and Built to Spill and lounging around reading… I think when I was at my loneliest it was because I hadn’t realised that it was as simple as it being my choice to spend time alone, I felt like I should be around people more. I’m over that – and now I’m not lonely anymore.  I just like being alone.

Introspection aside, I’m all excited about this week – the office party promises to be a drunken affair (this not drinking thing is not going amazingly, but better than I expected it to) and then it’s Alkaline Trio in the evening and my guiltiest of all guilty pleasures the next night. Oh poppy slightly emo indie rock how I love you. And Adam Lazzara, I still love the Lazarra.

I finished Buffy season 7 again last night, no matter how many times I do that it never gets any easier. I miss having Buffy in my life. I love other TV shows (duh) but nothing has ever really taken Buffy’s place. I found this article over at Pop Vultures, while they were having their Film vs. TV week. It was nice to see someone else speak up for TV for a change, I’ve studied film for more years than I’d care to admit, but these days I’m far more about television. Seems there’s been a shift of recent too, where film seems to be more about catering to the lowest common denominator than TV does. Television shows don’t really need to, they’ve got reality shows to do that, leaving the smart folks to write smart scripts for the smart audiences.

Tara is getting here on September 13th, I’m stoked and taking time off work to prove it. We’re gonna have fun in this godforsaken town if it kills me. Did you see her new car decals? It’s the type of shit that makes me want to drive.

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Long weekend has been exactly what was needed. Got to stay in, do girl stuff like DIY and cake baking, go out and do girl stuff like brunches and shopping and got to do some repeating of things I haven’t done in too long.

Friday was (hurrah!) new Bust day, so headed to Borders in Angel and bought it, then met Robyn for coffee and Lizzy showed so we went and got lunch. Then headed into town to meet Alanna who was coming up to visit. Lizzy made us go to the Luella Bartley store, which she lured us to under the pretense that there was some sort of gothy/psycho vibe with the new collection. Eh…. not so much.

The Bond Street part of the West End where the store is located always makes me feel sick to my stomach, with the wanton consumerism, don’t get me wrong, I’m a stuff junky, and I own far too many threadless shirts, but Jesus, the SUVs and £175 in the sale jeans represent everything that’s wrong with the world non?

So Robyn and I looked a little disgruntled as we stood in the centre of the antithesis of everything we know, before we headed out to buy organic toiletries. haha

It was crazy hot and we walked far too long, and I really, really hurt for it. Lizzy sorted me out with her discount at Sallys though, I am once again the proud sporter of the blackest black hair. It took forever to get home and somehow Alanna and Robyn both drifted off during a rewatching of Blade. Friday night and everyone asleep before 11. Rock and Roll.

Did give us the opportunity to get up early ish and go to pick more daisies for brunch ( I <3 pick more daisies) and then do lots of pottering/shopping/tea drinking/hating/discussing/discussing hating. All of this led to some fat free cake baking, and some room rearranging, before we made quorn fajitas and watched Almost Famous.

Almost Famous still makes me feel like a teenager when I watch it, and it makes me sad that there is no rock’n’roll really, anymore. And then it makes me wish that I excelled the way Cameron Crowe did, and didn’t find alcohol and partying instead. It still makes me feel sort of sad, the amount of potential I just threw away. I had fun and all, but it was kind of underachieving fun. Talked to Alanna for a couple of hours, I miss having actual conversations about stuff and I’m always caught a little off guard when they happen. My head still feels a little weird and lots of things that had been slotted into different compartments are starting to need some refiling. It confuses me.

Today all I could be bothered to do was have me a Buffy Marathon, watching Season 1 downstairs in the living room, and the end of Season 6 up here in my room.  Buffy Summers and Co are like my comfort blanket.

I have another day off tomorrow, and I’m super stoked on getting Breaking Dawn. Edward Cullen can once again be a part of my life. RIght now I can barely stay away to type.


I fucking love my friends

I met Lou after work (took Fess with me) and it was awesome to see her and double bonus – she had gifts from Robyn.
Betsey Johnson cosmetics Bags. OMG!!!! Made me super happy and cheered up.
And then came home, and saw the painting Jo has done of me and I love, love, love it!
And then Robyn sent me this poem she wrote about me last summer when I was at work and she was holed up in my room.
‘My Kim loves Douglas Coupland, Booze and tea cause she’s from England. She’s a Virgo who loves Jawbreaker, Thinks Ryan Reynolds is a heartbreaker. She’s my best friend and I love her and if that makes me kinda gay, well you can fuck yourself cause we don’t care, we’re smarter than you anyway.’
It made me smile so big.
I’m so glad Robyn will be living here again soon.
And I’m glad Lou is coming to Against Me!
I love my friends.
And I include Miles in that, he’s helping me out too.
It’s strange that I feel lucky, given my current situation, but I do.

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