2014 fall TV

What I’ll be watching this Fall Schedule, Part One

The final weeks of Summer are here, it’s getting cooler and it’s raining more. This can mean only one thing, it’s almost time for Autumn. My annual pre September excitement has begun  – a large part of the reason I love this time of year (apart from leaf stomping, warm booze, sweaters and scarves) is that there’s stuff to watch.

fall Friends


Tara left about 30 minutes ago, and I think I already miss her. It made me think want to listen to jawbreaker -ache, “these days the people I love are spread so far apart” for the millionth time. Global community is all good with me, but I think we have a tendency to forget about the downside of it. There are people dotted across the planet (some of whom I’ve met in real life, and some of whom I haven’t) that I would count among my best friends and kill to actually get to hang out and grab a coffee with.
This isn’t yet another I hate England lament, nor is it a sleight on my English friends, for even if I did somehow figure out a way to live in the US I’d miss half of them like crazy.
It’s just been on my mind recently, what with my best friend having to move back to the US at the end of August and just how fucking difficult it is to spend time with your friends as you get older and all have separate lives and careers and families. I consider my friends my family, always have, and not getting to see them as regularly as I’d like kills me.
Anyway, I didn’t want to get miserable about it, I was just thinkin’… I’m gonna go and meet Jamie and Poke for coffee and pie at The Diner. Team Autumn is slightly melancholic. I’m going to NY in December anyways.
teh kidz

2008 fall

you're like a simile, like totally

And the awesome mood continues. Life is getting good again. After last weeks post american boys in town come down, things are on the ascent again. New gossip girl last night. How much hotter did everyone get over summer? Dan in a vest was actually attractive, and Nate. Wowzers. I know they’re both about 12, but apparently that’s my vibe right now.

I’m crazy into the notion of fall/autumn.. summer has been over a long while in London, but only on September 1st did it start to feel autumnal. Leaves are starting to fall, make up colours are getting darker, hoodies are becoming essential and you can just about get away with a light scarf. Fuck yes. Great TV, better (smarter) movies, new Chuck Klosterman book, my birthday, Halloween, it being cold enough that the first cigarette and coffee of the day (outside of work) taste perfect. Oooooooohhhh, and leaf stomping in the park. It getting darker earlier, listening to American Football and Gameface and Polyvinyl stuff every night. I’m stoked on Autumn.

I’m gonna make another mix tape this week. When i have some time, right now I have to go and paint my nails.