gaslight anthem lucero

you've got a nice hand but never show your cards

Oddly hopeful, eclipse day passed without any huge incidents, we’ll see whether the lunar eclipse in virgo in a couple of weeks passes as smoothly…

Went to doctor and felt better about life, met robyn and lizzy, went for lunch, went into town and spent time at shops full of ridiculously priced clothes and ranted about punk and art for a while.

We were planning a big girlie night, but we were all knackered from walking around all day. So we started watching Blade, then they fell asleep and I decided to have a bath, at 10pm on a friday. Rock and fucking Roll.

Since I already spent too much money on hair colour and lush products today, I decided to make it all better by ordering some stuff from the lucero merch site. go me. Oh, and some guy told me Cory Branan might be playing the UK in a couple months.

Recently things have been making me feel weird and twisty inside, but in a good way. 2 days til Breaking Dawn, and 24 til Gaslight Anthem, this is when summer starts to get good.

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