you're painting floors while your pals are renaming the stars..

I’m hoping that today is going to be a better day than yesterday. It already is, although I’m at work it’s a sunny crisp autumn morning I got a seat to myself the whole way to work on the bus, and (this is the part I wanted to talk about) I gained a whole new appreciation of Frame and Canvas.

You know when you’ve listened to a record hundreds and hundreds of times and you love it, and then one day you’re listening to it and suddenly you realise that THIS is the perfect listen. This is the exact way these songs are supposed to be heard, in the locale, with this frame of mind. I found a poignance in songs that had always managed to evade me in the past, and a new found love for favourites. I wanted to marry Frame and Canvas this morning. Autumn and harvest are (well, in my mind anyway) the emo (note mid 90s chicago based sense of the word) season anyway, less pining for the youthful exuberance of summers lost than creating a discourse from it.

Okay, I’m off, because 9am is too early to be considering discourse. And I have to finish my all time top zombies list for work.

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