2008 fall

you're like a simile, like totally

And the awesome mood continues. Life is getting good again. After last weeks post american boys in town come down, things are on the ascent again. New gossip girl last night. How much hotter did everyone get over summer? Dan in a vest was actually attractive, and Nate. Wowzers. I know they’re both about 12, but apparently that’s my vibe right now.

I’m crazy into the notion of fall/autumn.. summer has been over a long while in London, but only on September 1st did it start to feel autumnal. Leaves are starting to fall, make up colours are getting darker, hoodies are becoming essential and you can just about get away with a light scarf. Fuck yes. Great TV, better (smarter) movies, new Chuck Klosterman book, my birthday, Halloween, it being cold enough that the first cigarette and coffee of the day (outside of work) taste perfect. Oooooooohhhh, and leaf stomping in the park. It getting darker earlier, listening to American Football and Gameface and Polyvinyl stuff every night. I’m stoked on Autumn.

I’m gonna make another mix tape this week. When i have some time, right now I have to go and paint my nails.

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