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So, I hear about whether I’ve got the house I want tomorrow. And although I really want to live there and it would be a solution to almost everything in my life at the moment, I have decided I’ll be fine if it doesn’t happen. I think accepting this is important. I feel like I have made a really big amount of progress recently, in the way I deal with things.

I (just recently – I am a virgo after all) figured out that I can’t control situations, the only thing I can control is how I deal with what I’m handed. And I’m done with being miserable about everything. I’m giving myself permission for brief intermissions for wound licking and that’s all, then I’m straight back in the game. So yeah. I’m letting the universe do its thing, and trying to stay in sync with that. And I currently feel like I totally am.

I’m hoping that this attitude, combined with more yoga and study based goodness/time with my friends will make me less angry in general. I’m bored of it, and it’s not quite so becoming for a woman in her 30s. Ha.

Both Jonathan Cainer and Astrobarry have forecast positive, yet challenging changes, for the week ahead. Good times./

Tomorrow I have to help my mother scatter her mothers ashes near her fathers grave in MillHillCemetery. My Mom and I do the strangest things to bond. Then I’m going out. To see my friends. Regardless of the flat situation. Which I still really hope is good.

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