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What I’ll be watching this Fall Schedule, Part Two

As promised, this week I’m writing about the returning shows I’ll be watching as hoodie and scarf weather approaches.

First up, is



Parenthood returns to NBC for it’s sixth and final (13 episode) season. This is the show I’m most excited/sad about getting to watch. Unlike Katim’s last beloved outing Friday Night Lights, Parenthood hasn’t tailed off at all in it’s later seasons – and I’m not ready to give the Braverman’s up quite yet.

I’m not even that concerned with what’s going to happen, although there are multiple theories as to what the “huge new challenge” Katims talked about in an interview (but I’m hoping they don’t kill Zeke). If you haven’t give Parenthood a go yet, then you should catch up on Netflix before this season starts. It’s easily my favourite show on TV, and I am not a person who loves family activities.

Parenthood returns to NBC on September 25th



There are those that think Supernatural jumped the shark around season 6, and they’d be right, but that doesn’t mean that it’s still not a massively enjoyable show, at least some of the time. Sure, season 9 had a lot more filler than stand-out episodes, but I’m seeing the Winchester Bros quest through to the bitter end. And (spoiler alert) Dean being a demon is going to add an interesting dimension to the show. Oh, and Crowley is now a “series regular” alongside Cas, so that should keep Josh happy at least.

I’ve been a bit harsh here, I love Supernatural and this year marks a decade that I’ve been watching it. I hope it goes out on a high note, because that spin off pilot was one of the worst things I’ve ever seen.

Here’s the terribly shot Season 10 trailer from Comicon.

Supernatural returns to the CW on October 7th



I started watching The Originals last season as a guilty gothy pleasure to watch on my iPad while in the bath. I didn’t expect to like it anywhere near as much as I did. I stopped watching The Vampire Diaries 2 seasons in, which makes my enjoyment of it’s spin-off all the more odd…

The Originals is set in New Orleans, but more like one imagined by Poppy Z Brite than the one we see in Treme. The French Quarter in The Originals is populated with witches, werewolves and vampires with some voodoo thrown in for good measure.  Everyone is painfully hot, with impeccable make-up and hair and there are candles everywhere. I love The Originals.

The Originals is back on The CW on October 6th.



American Horror stories standalone seasons have ALL been good, it’s hard for me to pick between Murder House and Coven when it comes to favourites, which is why I’m super excited for Freakshow. It’s not going to be the third season of Carnivale that we all wanted, but I’m reasonably sure that it’s going to be great. And Wes Bentley is in the Halloween episodes. All the spoilers/info/rumours can be found here. The official trailer is below.

American Horror Story airs on FX on October 8th



I felt like Homeland really lost direction after they killed off Brody, but I’m still interested to see what they do with it now they’re a central character down. Also, it’s been months since I’ve seen Claire Danes cry face, and I sort of miss it. Also, I’m hoping that they give Saul a bigger role this season, as I could watch Mandy Patinkin forever (remember how Criminal Minds turned terrible as soon as he left?)

 Homeland is back on Showtime on October 5th

And that really is it. Told you everything good was happening midseason. At least it’s not too long to wait for new Hannibal, Archer, Bob’s Burgers, Broad City and Girls….



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How do you keep your ipad dry in the bath? I used a cordless phone whilst in the bath and the steam did for it. I have not dared try with my kindle. So I have to alternate books. Mostly the one on kindle , but also a paperback for the bath!

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