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What I’ll be watching this Fall Schedule, Part One

The final weeks of Summer are here, it’s getting cooler and it’s raining more. This can mean only one thing, it’s almost time for Autumn. My annual pre September excitement has begun  – a large part of the reason I love this time of year (apart from leaf stomping, warm booze, sweaters and scarves) is that there’s stuff to watch. I know Netflix has changed the old schedule dynamic somewhat, but if you watched it all when it was on TV anyway, you’re still in the same boat. (This being said, I did enjoy the weekend I spent binge watching The Killing Season 4, until the terrible ending) So, here’s what I’m excited to give ago this Fall Schedule. Don’t hate me if they turn out to be terrible – I haven’t seen them yet either. (As an aside, it’s midseason this year when things get really interesting TV wise)


TheAffairShowtime Joining Homeland on Showtime this year is The Affair, a show about an affair and the toll it takes on the two different marriages it affects. It’s the casting of this show that’s causing the interest here though, starring Dominic West and Ruth Wilson (it’s going to be good to see her in something other than Luther) Maura Tierney and Joshua Jackson – it seems unlikely to fail. It premieres on Showtime on Sunday October 19th.  


Gotham-TV-Show This could go either way. The Batman origin story that no one is really talking about comes to Fox this September. I wouldn’t be in the least bit interested in this if it didn’t star Benjamin MacKenzie and Donal Logue who have both been super- great in everything that they’ve done. I’ve been feeling like superhero TV shows are really played out for the last year or so, but that’s not stopping the networks, who are airing at least 3 new comic adaptations this season. You know this already, but MacKenzie plays young Jim Gordon (the last honest man in Gotham) and Logue, his partner. Throughout the course of the show we’ll also be introduced to the origin stories of some of Batman’s biggest enemies. The show premieres on Fox on September 22nd (my birthday!)


I’ll watch anything that’s got Katim’s alumni in – and Kingdom has Matt Lauria (DOUBLE KATIMS!) and Jonathan Tucker. It’s set in a MMA training gym  – also yes, that’s Nick Jonas.  MMA isn’t typically an interest area for me but this looks pretty great.. nick-jonas-jacked-kingdom-first-look-trailer-07   Kingdom Premieres October 8th on DirectTV  


Ken Marino for King! It’s really unlike me to be posting an NBC rom com, but Ken Marino and Casey Wilson are great. Also, I need something less intense to watch in the bath. Marry me is the (hilarious) tale of the engagement of long time couple Marino and Wilson, it premieres Tuesday, Oct. 14 on NBC.


constantine-banner-1280jpg-a2a402_1280w   I’m pretty sure this is going to be really terrible, but apparently they’ve done some recasting since the pilot so I’m willing to give it a go. And there’s no hint of Gavin Rossdale so it’s got to be better than the movie, right? I’m hoping that I’m wrong because I loved comics and I’ll watch anything with supernatural subject matter long after I should have given up. Constantine premieres on NBC on October 24    

Next week I’m going to write about which returning shows are going to be worth bothering with.

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