well I tried, but I can't run no more..

Aaaahhh, sunday nights, shaking off the last remnants of hangovers before the work week once again appears with it’s always too early on monday face, catalogue the weekend in your head, smile a little, sigh a little, drink some tea, listen to some mixtapes before it’s time to sleep.

It was a fun and messy few days with Alanna, much fun was had, more alcohol was consumed, secrets were made, wrestling was watched, all night conversations happened, zombina was seen, friends were made. It was a pretty satisfying weekend all in all.

Next week, mercury starts to go forward again, I can literally afford to do nothing, it’s gonna stay cold, and I’m looking forward to some much needed downtime. Just me and my mac and some books and magazines.


Oh, and I found this on the lucero website, and I think we’re all well aware of how I feel about one Mr. Nichols.

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