weirdo week, thanks planets

I was all jazzed when Mars started going forward again, but Mercury soon put pay to that idea by entering another retro period. AND decided to throw in a solar eclipse based curve ball.
Ho hum, there’s fuck all can be done about this period of confusion though, I know that. I am however, not the best at just forgetting about stuff.
Went to two punk rock shows last week, missed Robyn, agreed to be a bridesmaid, watched nowhere near enough movies, was crampy, had an ideal saturday and mostly wanted to sleep.
The move went well btw, couldn’t believe we fit all our stuff in this room, it’s like wooaaahhh for storage solutions.
Anyhow, I have to go watch some more movies and get a head start on writing that *rise of the indie rom-com* thing I’ve been meaning to get done for a while.
That is if I’ve checked off everyone elses to do list first.

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