Was interesting.
Better than the last.
So tired though.
Hung out with Rach all day yesterday, which was pretty amazing, I am also super jealous of Rachel and Nell’s new house.
Got d-r-u-n-k for the first time in for-ages, went to a SMITHS AND WHISKEY party. was pretty rubbish, so I went home, but inexplicably didn’t get here until about 2.30, then had to stumble around drunkenly with no lights on to try and not wake up the boy.
Had to wake up all early today to go to the Genius Bar at Brent Cross, to try and sort out the hardware issue on the boys Mac.
Was so, so tired, ended up doing that kind of hungover shopping where you buy things that you otherwise wouldn’t.
Came home got into bed (mmmm, clean sheets) and watched ABOUT A SON, the Kurt Cobain documentary.
It was good. Incredibly beautifully shot, and the editing was like, wow. I also really enjoyed the fact that they didn’t use Nirvana songs throughout the entire thing, it placed the emphasis firmly on Kurt as a person, and not Kurt as the public face of Nirvana. It drove home some interesting points about celebrity, and punk rock, and trying to grow up, and privilege…
I’m going to eat some apple pie & custard, watch an episode of Millennium and fall asleep feeling sort of happy/sad.

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