30 punkrock

we want a band that plays loud and hard every night

When oh when will this punk rock vs. (slightly) corporate office internal battle end?

It’s sort of pathetic to be approaching your 31st birthday and still being all *woe is me, I don’t fit in* about things, but then, I haven’t felt like this until the last year of working here. And I’m not sure to what extent this is me and my set in stone punkrock set of ethics and unwillingness to compromise over certain issues, and how much of it is based around the incredibly (implicitly) sexist environment in which I now work.

I’m really beginning to think that there are no good *grown ups* in the world. Anyone in any kind of position of haha, authority, above middle management hasn’t got there by treating people with respect, or honouring things they have promised. I don’t get it, like Seth Tobocman said, you don’t have to fuck people over to survive.

Why is doing your job well less important than playing the game, and how come they’re no longer mutually exclusive? What is more important, making more money and catering to the lowest common denominator, or creating something awesome that will ultimately last longer, be more rewarding and allow you to look at yourself in the mirror without wanting to claw your own eyes out?

Wow. I’m even angstier than I thought today, I hope this is just fallout from Mars in Virgo and I’m not regressing to the state of teenage anarchopunk.

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