We rarely practise discern.

Yesterday actually turned out okay in the end. Well, as okay, as trying to (not) have a relationship 4000 miles away can. I feel temporarily better anyways.

That wasn’t my reason for blogging though, mostly I felt inclined to commit my thoughts to t’web on account of having just watched The Puffy Chair. It may well have restored my faith in indie cinema. Seriously.

I haven’t seen anything that rings this true to everything I believed in moviewise for ages. Script is great without and walks the fine line of honesty between overly earnest and being contrived without ever stumbling into either. It’s also one of those relationship movies that almost hurts to watch, the way reading Jeffrey Brown hurts, because it’s all OH SO real and familiar, you’ve had that fight, you can see yourself and the people you know in the characters as you watch them make choices and mistakes you personally have spent a fair amount of your adult life deliberating over.

There’s no opportunity for you to empathise with any one character in particular, it’s not a girls movie or a boys movie, there is no domininant viewpoint here. Everyone in this movie is flawed, each of the characters at some time does something¬† unlikeable, but no one is ever cast as the bad guy. It also has one of the best endings I think I’ve ever seen.

It would be wrong of me not to mention the use of music, which, again is some of the best I’ve seen recently, the music is so perfectly placed you’re never a hundred percent sure whether the sound is diegetic or not. Loads of polyvinyl stuff, and I’ve never heard Transatlanticism sound better…

Anyhow, I’m going to try and get some sleep ‘cos I have the worlds busiest work week.

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