this week i'm in love with

  • Seeing my friends, it had been FAR too long
  • Joe swanberg/mumblecore in general – found Hannah Takes The Stairs yesterday, and sort of loved it. Butterknife has been sustaining my interest too
  • Cashmere Mafia, AT LAST a sex in the city replacement for me to swoon about make up and hair! (and, you know, the girl thing)
  • DCFC  – So excited that it’s only a few months til new record time.
  • Not full working weeks, cos lets face it, it’s only work.
  • Philosophy Cinnamon Buns Shimmer Lotion – It smells like NY
  • Astrobarry/Jonathan Cainer.
  • Teen Vampire Thrillers/Books on National Psychology/BUST magazine.
  • Hang out time with Miles, sans computers or movies or pottering. it’s perfect.
  • Margaret Cho Stand Up.
  • Robyn being round the corner.

wow, what a lot for it only being tuesday ! During my recent bout of sickness and couple days of holiday this week, I’ve realised just how much happier not being at work makes me.

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