there’s a new seth cohen in town, and he knows how to use the internet!

So, I’m waiting for Robyn to get to Taras. I have been for approximately a million hours. I chose to fill this time with downloading and viewing the pilot of Gossip Girl. Blah blah, the OC, blah blah.

2 observations. It was a bit ‘meh’ didn’t hate it, didn’t love it. 5 years ago probably would have been able to evoke something a little more from me, but nowadays, even I’ve had my fill of self aware teen drama. That being said, I will continue to watch this , which is where observation number 2 comes in. Almost the whole cast is ridiculously hot. Specifically Leighton Meester, who is almost unbelievably pretty as Blair, (Summer) The Marrissa substitute isn’t that attractive, the Ryan substitute is, and the new Seth Cohen, he’s okay, I liked his scarf.

It’s all a little bit Cruel Intentions, but with Veronica Mars explaining to you what’s happening. Apparently it’s based on a teenage novel series. I fear for the youth of today, I’m gonna start handing out Judy Blume to anyone under 17 to try and combat this. Is it just me that winces in faux-cool agony when a TV show mentions myspace? Hot parents are good though, I’m at the age where I can like the Dad, and Rufus Humphries is definitely a hotter Sandy Cohen.

I wish Robyn would get here, I’m starving, supposed to be bowling and have boy dilemmas all of my own.

Also, I am 30 in 2 days. Had a conversation the other day, and as a result have reconciled myself to the fact I am going to write/talk/emote as if I’m living in Dawson’s Creek, probably forever.

As an extra note to this, a week later. I was trying to figure out why the dad, rufus, looked so familiar. It’s because the guy who plays him Matthew Settle was in all manner of bad 90s teen/young adult movies. Most notably he starred as Ben Willis (the killer – come off it, it’s not a spoiler if it’s over a decade) in the classic JLH vehicle I STILL KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER.

My question is this. Am I now so old that people who were playing my eye candy a few years ago are now playing my eye candys parents? Jesus.

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