the waiter serves my coffee with a consolation smile

Quiet weekend. Good times. Had people over last night, built garden furniture and then drank tea by full moonlight listening to actual physical format music. WOWZERS.

Had brunch with Grimes on the terrace (I made the best scrambled eggs, they’re usually pretty good, but I outdid myself this time) and spent the day slacking around reading, doing yoga, having bubblebaths and watching movies. One of them was Baby Mama.


remember reading ana article on Jezebel when this first came out, about the complete lack of female buddy movies, and when trying to write a list of them for work, realised that jezebel were completely right.

I really wanted to like this movie, and to be able to argue that there were mulitple levels it could be understood on, and hidden complexities and that all in all it was a pretty important event.

Unfortunately, the movie was almost entirely, meh, predictable, not particularly well written, and the same type of bullshit we’ve all seen tramped out  a million times before.

I like Tina and Amy and think they’re both very funny ladies, but this “appealing to the lowest common denominator movie” is extremely uninspiring.

Oh, and check my astrobarry for this week. Things are looking better. Go Jupiter!

VIRGO (August 23-September 22): After a past couple weeks that might’ve seemed like something of a test, you’re due to tap into a wider-angle optimism… an outlook based upon the increasing self-confidence that’s (hopefully) come from proving you can indeed make the ‘wisest’ decisions for yourself, when need be. Once you can concretize and integrate this faith in yourself—that, no matter what, your problem-solving practicality will always jump to your own rescue—you’re then better able to reach ever further out onto the limb of scary-but-so-desirable risk, reassured that you can always get yourself out of the situation if it doesn’t end up working for you. Too much by-the-books pragmatism, alas, can stand in the way of your imagination, Virgo. How can your inner creative-visionary feel free enough to dream up a dramatically more fulfilling future for yourself (even if you’re already ‘perfectly fine’), if you’re always already worrying about how to make it happen or all the possible process-oriented problems that might present themselves? Sure, once you get to the ‘implementation’ stage, those types of thoughts will come in very handy. But before you get to that point, you have to allow yourself to simply dream. That is, to dream big. Believing that dreams can come true—and, in fact, do all the time—is the first step.

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