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the greatest of expectations

things I learned this week:

  • redundancy sucks
  • actually, it’s not quite so bad as all that, it at least forces you forward and out of comfy complacency
  • people don’t understand light hearted jokes about unemployment.
  • punk rock really does make everything significantly better.
  • I’m a little bit over regular office hours.

I’m trying to view this whole situation as crazy positive. I think it will be. I suck at leaving situations that aren’t what I really want, but are liveable.

Every six months or so, we welcome an eclipse period (at least one solar and one lunar eclipse within a few-weeks’ span)… to rapidly flip pages in our life-stories with climactic developments and events that move the action along in a dramatic fashion. For those couple weeks on either side of an eclipse, it’s as if we’re becoming ‘unstuck’ by larger currents pushing us emphatically into the future.

See! It’s the planets, dudes. The eclipse on monday is Jupiter in Aquarius, so there’s gonna be a load of growing and explanding and transcending going down. (astrobarry is my king!) I looked up a bunch more stuff about what’s happening Universe wise in the next few months and it seems as though all of this is supposed to happen. So hurrah (ish) (oh yeah, Mercury retro had best stop fucking with my phone – grr)

You can laugh, but being a crazy hippie has ensured I haven’t had a full on melt down about what the fuck I’m going to do with everything being all change-y around me.

Since this was a bit of a weird post, I’ve decided to end it with one of my all time favourite music videos. Swoon over one Calvin Johnson in his youth while tapping your foot to the best Beat Happening tune ever.

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