2008 best of list

best of year lists – film (part two)

It’s 9.30 on NYE, I still have a couple hours to get the last part of this blog post written so as I don’t feel like a complete slacker. Here goes:

Twilight – Catherine Hardwicke

I am well aware that this wasn’t the greatest movie made all year, and the schmaltz factor was pretty fucking high, but it can’t be ignored as a cultural phenomenon, and if you’ve been reading this blog for longer than 5 minutes, you’ll be well aware of my long time (guilty, guilty) love of the book series. Points to note about Twilight. 1)It could have been SO SO much worse 2)fuck me Robert Pattinson is hot, and born to play Ed Cullen 3) It’s hard to make a credible teen romance, and 4) If you watch the movie alone it’s a totally different story.

Snow Angels – David Gordon Green

This was at Sundance in 2007 but somehow took until this year to surface on DVD. I’m a giant geek for DGG, (see many, many previous posts) and I’d been eagerly awaiting this for what seemed like ever. It was in no way a disappoinment. It had all of the qualities that I loved in All the Real Girls – small town movie, beautiful camera work, sparse script and add to that tragedy, snow and high school and I’m in indiemovieheaven. The casting really couldn’t be any better, and this movie made me fall a little bit more in love with Olivia Thirlby.

Choke – Clark Gregg

I was stoked when I heard that this had made the Sundance 08 line up and super happy when I got to attend a screening later in the year, Choke is one of my favourite Panahniuk novels and was my suprise life- affirming- restoring-my-faith-in-first-time-directors movie of the year. Sam Rockwell shines (and everyone else does a pretty fucking good job too)  sure the movie is a little clunky along the way, but somehow at the end you feel like maybe your life has changed a little. Oh, and it’s laugh out loud funny too.

American Teen – Nanette Burnstein

I wrote about this two weeks ago here – well, mostly I gushed about it. American Teen is my documentary of the year, and definitely not because it’s not about global warming, the recession or water. It’s awesome. Please please watch it.

The Wackness – Jonathan Levine

This year Jonathon Levine became my new favourite director, I loved All the Boys Love Mandy Lane but I fell head over heels for the Wackness, hell I even listened to hip hop for two weeks after. The Wackness was a perfect movie about the 90s, about high school, about the heat of NYC and about that moment as a kid when you realise adult have no fucking clue what they’re doing either. It reminded me a little of All Over Me, although there’s nothing queercore about this movie it is a lot about young fucked up love in the city.

Well, that’s it. My top 10 of 2008 done and dusted. It must’ve been somewhat of a relief to read one movie list this year without Dark Knight on it, huh?

Right, I’m gonna watch the Wrestler and fall asleep sober, Happy New Year Y’all. x

gaslight anthem

here we are at the bar, knocking back the makers mark…

So, this week.

Lots happened, I got to see Twilight, go to the press conference, see the Gaslight Anthem again and go to the Bust craftacular. Sounds awesome non? Well it would have been had 50 percent of these events not sucked. And suprisingly, the stuff that didn’t suck was vampire related. I’m not supposed to write anything about it until week of UK release, so I’ll just say it was far less disappointing than I was imaginging it would be, and the cringeworthy scenes are minimal in comparison to the book. Oh and JESUS does Robert Pattinson look hot the whole way through it. Since the press conference I have come to realise it’s definitely just him as Edward I’m fixated on, him as an English actor dude? less so.

Okay, biggest disappointment of 2008? The Gaslight Anthem at the LA2 on friday. I was so stoked for this show, took the day off so I could hang out and everything. I knew they were going to be massive, but I figured we had this one show left before it all started to suck. Man was I wrong. I tried to just blame the crowd to begin with, but later came to realise that it wasn’t just that. It’s a good starting point though.

It was one of those crowds where no one dances, people just push instead, and you spend the entire time trying to ensure you don’t fall. And if you do, no one helps you up, because these regular, regular people in smart casual attire have no clue about show etiquette.

I’m still not really sure how three months ago they were an everyone singing along-to-every-fucking-word-with-their-fists-in-the-air, kind of a band, and now they’re a stand and watch and know the words to the chorus kind of a band. It’s like they’ve stopped being kids and started being the *band* who are there to *entertain us* the barriers were up and everything. STAY AWAY FROM THE STAGE KIDS. It wasn’t just that it was at the LA2 either, I saw Against Me! there a few years ago and it remains one of the greatest shows I’ve ever seen.

I knew we’d lose the Gaslight Anthem. I just thought we might have a little longer before we did.

I left before the end of the show, and I wasn’t the only one. It’s not like they’re dead to me now, but they mean a lot less than they did. It’s sort of like realising your best friend isn’t the person you thought they were. You’ll get over it, but you’ll never love them the same.



I have started trying to read 3 books in the past few days. But none of them are about Bella and Edward so they currently hold no appeal. It’s like when you finish a Coupland book and you can’t find anything as magnificent as Doug to read after. But with vampires, really, really attractive vampires. Maybe some Poppy Z Brite? I’m never far away from a gothy phase. I’m gonna go and search my bookshelves before people return home. Thank god it’s only 38 days til I can read again.

Ooooh, R27 was deployed today. FUN! content planning a go go. Can’t wait til the weekend.

goth Movies vampire

teen vampire obssession goes into overdrive

seriously though. how good does everyone look?
I can’t wait.
my amazon order arrived at work on friday, the last book is waiting there for me.

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