so, 2009…

I decided to get a head start on the resolutions by staying in last night and not getting wasted, either that or I’m just eventually old enough to not care about New Years. Anyhow, I figured I’d put my resolutions on the internet in a bid to keep them or suffer terrible public humiliation. They are:

  • Be kinder
  • Smile more
  • Yoga every single day
  • Ixnay on the toxins.
  • Maintain 2008 focus
  • Stop going to shows at venues bigger than the Underworld
  • Have fun

Half of that list reads list a Jenny Holzer meme.

I’m thinking about getting my hair cut tomorrow, whaddaya think? I’m not sure 2009 is about the rockabilly, but as afore discussed, what else is there? Damn punx.

I’m stoked for Nick & Norah’s on tuesday. Fuckin’ aye.