2009 gaslight anthem video

I will never tire of this song.

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Growin' old in a bar

Wow, this week the internet just keeps producing awesome. Punknews pointed me in the direction of this video of Gaslight covering Left of the Dial. Gaslight covering the Replacements makes me happier than potential employment.

This cover is almost better than the J Page cover on “We’ll Inherit the Earth” (which is effin great by the way, you should pick it up if you don’t have it.All our favourite bands and Christy Roads artwork) and the J Page cover somehow manages to work Pictures of You and Kiss the Bottle into the end. So yeah, it’s pretty good. Watch and sigh.

gaslight anthem video

Jersey Boys

I suck at blogging recently. My head has been all over the place, and that is in no way conducive to speaking in fully formed sentences, let alone writing them down. So, I’m actually going to make an effort to start writing here properly again as of tomorrow, but until then, here’s the new Gaslight Anthem video.

Who else feels funny about a clean shaven Brian Fallon? (I sort of hate clean shaven boys anyways, but really, he looks like a totally different, slightly creepier, dude)

okay, I’m off to stay up unreasonably late watching TV and feeling like a teen.

2009 gaslight anthem punkrock video

LDN snow and how I forgave the Gaslight Anthem

So, today was the first actual snow day that London has had since 1991, ALL the buses were withdrawn and only two tube lines were running. Awesome. I was looking for a reason to spend another day in bed.

My friend Andy text me to let me know that there was an interview with Benny from Gaslight on the latest Issue Oriented podcast, and it might restore my faith in them. It did. He makes some valid points and kind of made me remember why we all got into punk in the first place.Y’all should go listen to it.

I thought about going to see them in Portsmouth on Saturday night, but the last train back to London is 10.18! Seriously. it’s no wonder no-one does anything in this godforsaken country.

But then I found the video of Gaslight on Letterman last night, and it made everything better.

It’s just starting to get dark again and it’s still snowing, the sky has got that ethereal glowy thing going on, the one that only happens when it snows at night. I only have 8 days left in the office til my garden leave starts yet I’m still hoping for another day at home tomorrow. I’m off to watch Groundhog Day and think about how many redemptive movies Bill Murray has made….


remember when

this is how they looked/sounded? Fuck. I miss last year. Haha.

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best of year lists – records (part two)

I had some food, green tea and decongestants and I’m back with the second part of my 2008 records list. (Oooh, I also made a best of 2008 mixtape, check the end of this post)

Paul Baribeau – Grand Ledge

Yes, yes I know that technically this was released in 2007, but it was released on vinyl this year so it’s going on my list. Don’t let the fact that AP called him the greatest living folk artist deter you. Paul Baribeau is a genius. Honest yet never whiny, he sings about the trials and tribulations of twenty something non corporate lifestyle. In this record he carefully jumps from super sad songs, to songs full of hope and positivity. He seems like the kind of dude you would want to be your best friend. The track Christmas Lights can sometimes make me cry (in the good way).

Fake Problems – It’s Great to Be Alive

This may not technically be out yet, but I’ve got it, and I’ve listened to it a shit ton, so it’s going on my list. I saw Fake Problems twice this year, and they ruled both times. I liked the last two records, but this one it like, wo-ah, you know? There are actual songs, but still enough crazy hand claps and group shout alongs to keep anyone happy. Positive even when dealing with the most negative narrative, they’re a band I often tag on as “impossible to be sad to”. All the songs are great, but Dream Team has had my foot tapping more in the last month than almost anything else this year.

Whiskey Trench – The Good Sun ep

The Whiskey Trench ep rules. In a simple, honest and gruffy punk kind of a way. A band made up of other bands (including Sainte Catherines) it’s not that they’re necessarily doing anything new, but they’re doing it really fucking well. This record makes me happy, and also makes doing household chores something that resembles fun. I’m excited about a full length.

Tom Gabel – HeartBurns

As if I wasn’t going to put this on my list. Everyone’s favourite credible punk rock crush takes some time out from Against me! to get back to some solo grown up punk rock angst. It actually really doesn’t sound like Against me! and has far more in common with Tom’s early stuff, just older and better produced. Random Hearts gets stuck in my head almost daily. That part of November when he joined the reunion tour? I wanted to die from not being able to go. Music swoon.

Gaslight Anthem – The 59 Sound

This is easily my record of the year, I can’t even imagine how many times I’ve listened to it, and although I had a spectacularly bad live experience with these boys earlier this month I still can’t stop being in love with almost every song on this record. From the perfect opening to the (okay I’ll give you this one) incredibly Springsteenesque Backseat, it flows the way Afghan Whigs records did. Playing pick the influences is a fun game, but joking aside, I can’t say anything bad about this record and the magical retro Jersey romanticism it  brings whenever its played. It also sent me back into the motown phase I haven’t re-visited since my teens. It kills me that my favourite current record is written by a teetotal christian, but that’s just the icing on this years weird cake.

Here, is my  kimlovesstuff best of 2008 to download and acquaint yourself with. Tracklisting is as follows

  1. Paul Baribeau  – Christmas Lights
  2. Fake Problems – The Dream Team
  3. Gaslight Anthem – Old White Lincoln
  4. The Riot Before – Threat Level Midnight
  5. Ben Nichols – Toadvine
  6. Whiskey Trench – The Good Sun
  7. Chinese Telephones – Back to You Again
  8. Tom Gabel – Random Hearts
  9. Murder by Death – Fuego
  10. For Science – East of E
  11. Death Cab for Cutie -The Ice is Getting Thinner
  12. The State Lottery – Cities We’re not From
  13. Lemuria – Pants
  14. The Ergs! – Books about Miles Davis
  15. Gaslight Anthem – Blue Jeans and White Tee Shirts
2008 gaslight anthem list

best of year lists – records (part one)

It’s that time of year folks. Since I’m home, sick, in bed I thought I should get on with it. I’m doing different posts for different mediums cos I like too much stuff to put it all in one, dig?

So without further ado…

The Ergs! – Hindsight is 20/20, My friend.

One of the reasons 2008 sucked was The Ergs! break-up. Which is one of the reasons this comp gets on my list. Also, it features the covers Hey Jealousy and the awesome Only Babies Cry, off the Books About Miles Davis 7, originally by the amazing Paul Baribeau. The Ergs! always had the capacity to make everything better.

Murder By Death – Red of Tooth and Claw

It always feels a bit weird putting your friends bands on lists, but really, Red of Tooth and Claw rules. This was the kids first record on Vagrant, and as with each previous release they’ve continued maturing into better and better musicians. Adams vocals are much stronger and deeper, Sarah’s cello glides effortlessly in and out of the melodies, it’s all fucking great. Fuego is the stand out song, and Spring Break 1899 is near perfect too. Murder by Death have always sounded like the soundtrack from HBO’s (too short lived) Carnivale. You should probably get this now.

The Riot Before – Fists Buried in Pockets.

The Riot Before make me remember why I fell into punk in the first place. Gruff enough for the earnest not to leave a bad taste in your mouth. Songs about having books to depend on after break ups and politic injustice sit side by side with tracks entitled You Can’t Sexy Dance to Punk Rock. The Riot Before frequently make my morning commute almost enjoyable.

The Gaslight Anthem – Senor and the Queen EP

Right at the beginning of 08 this EP cemented Gaslight as my new favourite band, and made my (now ex) boyfriend happy, because now something other than Sink or Swim would be played. I can’t gush enough about these 4 songs. And hell, Blue Jeans and White Tee Shirts became one of my favourite songs ever this year. This ep was still a little bit Lucero before it became all about The Boss. It’s perfect. Oh, and Brian hates it when people mistake the Sam Cooke thing for a Tom Jones thing.

Ben Nichols – The Last Pale Light in the West

You know what’d be nice? A new Lucero record. You know what is almost as good? A Ben Nichols record. This mini album is based on Cormac McCarthy’s Blood Meridian. Far less riffy than Lucero, and being an *inspired by* album, there’s no space for songs about girls. All of this being said, it’s superb. Ben’s vocals lend themselves perfectly to this subject matter, the lyrics are vivid, and the guitars are just melancholy enough.

I’m going to post the next five later, I got sidetracked with IMing during this one and now I’m all tired. More meds = more sensical writing.

gaslight anthem video

I still know the song and the name and the reasons

This is what Gaslight look like on Conan. Do you see what I mean now ? This band needs a crowd. They’re still good, but something is lacking. You know ?

“Hey, that was great, that was killer” GAH!

gaslight anthem

here we are at the bar, knocking back the makers mark…

So, this week.

Lots happened, I got to see Twilight, go to the press conference, see the Gaslight Anthem again and go to the Bust craftacular. Sounds awesome non? Well it would have been had 50 percent of these events not sucked. And suprisingly, the stuff that didn’t suck was vampire related. I’m not supposed to write anything about it until week of UK release, so I’ll just say it was far less disappointing than I was imaginging it would be, and the cringeworthy scenes are minimal in comparison to the book. Oh and JESUS does Robert Pattinson look hot the whole way through it. Since the press conference I have come to realise it’s definitely just him as Edward I’m fixated on, him as an English actor dude? less so.

Okay, biggest disappointment of 2008? The Gaslight Anthem at the LA2 on friday. I was so stoked for this show, took the day off so I could hang out and everything. I knew they were going to be massive, but I figured we had this one show left before it all started to suck. Man was I wrong. I tried to just blame the crowd to begin with, but later came to realise that it wasn’t just that. It’s a good starting point though.

It was one of those crowds where no one dances, people just push instead, and you spend the entire time trying to ensure you don’t fall. And if you do, no one helps you up, because these regular, regular people in smart casual attire have no clue about show etiquette.

I’m still not really sure how three months ago they were an everyone singing along-to-every-fucking-word-with-their-fists-in-the-air, kind of a band, and now they’re a stand and watch and know the words to the chorus kind of a band. It’s like they’ve stopped being kids and started being the *band* who are there to *entertain us* the barriers were up and everything. STAY AWAY FROM THE STAGE KIDS. It wasn’t just that it was at the LA2 either, I saw Against Me! there a few years ago and it remains one of the greatest shows I’ve ever seen.

I knew we’d lose the Gaslight Anthem. I just thought we might have a little longer before we did.

I left before the end of the show, and I wasn’t the only one. It’s not like they’re dead to me now, but they mean a lot less than they did. It’s sort of like realising your best friend isn’t the person you thought they were. You’ll get over it, but you’ll never love them the same.

gaslight anthem punkrock video

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