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I’ve been sick this past week, sick enough to not get out of bed/do anything sick, and although now I’m a little behind with work, this time off did give me a chance to catch up on some viewing.
Yesterday I watched Dedication, which is something I’ve been meaning to do for a while, because a> I’m a big Justin Theroux fan, and b> I think Billy Crudup is one of the finest actors to surface in the last decade, and c> I sort of have a soft spot for one Miss Mandy Moore, she’s just so , incredibly pretty. Anyhow, Dedication – was great. Basic plot synopsis, Billy Crudup plays Henry Roth, a fucked up-  in the biggest sense of the word – childrens author, who is forced into pairing with Mandy Moore’s childrens book illustrator, after the untimely death of his only friend in the world. Now, I want to make it clear that there are just as many superficial reasons that I enjoyed this movie, as there were narrative based, proper reasons. Namely, Henry’s wardrobe, is simple and awesome throughout – what can I say? I have a think for skinny boys in hoodies under harringtons, with messengers slung on their backs. Also, during my viewing of this movie, whenever Mandy Moore was onscreen, I found myself thinking – I might start doing my make up more like that. This, my friends, is true accolade indeed, I haven’t thought that since I was a teen!
On a slightly deeper level, I felt a certain amount of empathy for Henry Roth.  He is easily one of the meanest, flawed, good guys I have ever seen on screen, being somewhat of a good hearted meanie myself, it was nice to see someone recognising our existance… the entire tale is about Henry learning how to let someone into his life, and the difficulties he encounters. Set to a soundtrack that’s mostly Deerhoof, and with so many insanely beautiful shots of NYC. Definitely worth a watch.
I’ve also watched the first 4 episodes of Cashmere Mafia, which is basically the new SATC, but with more of them in relationships. This doesn’t stop it being great though, and the exact type of thing that all men will dismiss as terrible TV. The make up and outfits are again, pretty fabulous, the characters are all pretty sassy, and seem to have a slightly whimsical sense of good nature about the things that occur in their lives. Peoples main criticism of the show appears to be that it’s not realistic. Hi – TV isn’t really supposed to be. Reality, not that exciting, it’s why entertainment exists. It does make me yearn for NY loads though. Miles and I are planning a trip for Halloween, after Robyn and Stus wedding.
I feel like I’ve written loads, so I’m going to go, and hope Miles is bringing me home the new BELIEVER, it’s the film edition, and there’s a Chuck Klosterman article about road movies in there.
Question – if I order one of those Stephanie Meyers Twilight books, off of Amazon – (teen vampire lit) – am I no worse than the Harry Potter fans I abhor? Or is it nearer to Francesca Lia Block?
I’m off.

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