gossip girl

some older guy with a motorbike, picks her up after school..

New Gossip Girl was pretty awesome.. definitely made yesterday better. As did after-work drinks. Go summer. Although this mornings drizzly greyness has me wondering whether that was it for tee-shirt weather. Social calendar is beginning to fill up, starting to remember what I liked about being single. Actually doing stuff. I totally understand why people are edge, I do. But… it does lead to being incredibly anti-social (especially in England) and I’m not just talking about M here, pretty much all edge kids I’ve ever known. I’ve come to realise recently that I’m mostly over this whole scowly outsider thing. Really, turns out I’m an inherently social person. I need that contact with other people. I need to talk and learn things and do things. And why are there helicopters circling my office? Anyway, yes. There was some positivity in all that chattery nonsense I just typed.
Takeways – I’m going to be totally okay and GO SUMMER!
Also, it’s a week (give or take) til Robyn moves home . WOOT! Come on 2008.

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