So right, so wrong, another winter's coming on.

It’s been a little while, sorry about that, but my annual autumn alcoholism got the better of me. It’s okay Im now on my 2 week annual autumn detox (we’ll see how it goes) so I might have time to write something (not for work) once in a while.

I had the day off work today, which was awesome, and I got to have hangouts with some of my bestests, which was super awesome. I hung out at Lou’s for a while this evening before I came home and drank tea and ranted and remembered how autumn evenings with Lou are the best.

We had a conversation about power couples and dating someone who is your social/career equal and how important it is and how you would find boy equivalents of us. We know plenty of awesome got it together girls who are super gorgeous and all kindsa smartz, but we’re sort of lacking the same sort of sparkly wow in the boy department. It’s probable this is the reason we are single.  Sometimes I wish I/we/all of us were simpler, being this complex and demanding makes us not only complacent, but incredibly difficult to please.  I think this is why I secretly yearn for some sort of apocalyptic epic disaster that reduces society to the kind of struggle that leaves you with some sense of validation and allows you to see the good in people. Of course my overly romantic nightmare scenario would never work, these are the people we have become and you can’t ever go back.

My amazon order should arrive at work tomorrow, and then I’m going to stop by the porn saints exhibit at the A&D Gallery with Lou and Tish. Culture culture culture. At this stage I’m pretty sure it’s only the pursuit of creativity that can save us.

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