2012 Design thoughts


I’m not usually one for positive messages and quotes, I lived for that shit when I was younger but somewhere around your early thirties it becomes difficult to not find the whole thing “put a bird on it” twee.

This being said, I stumbled across the “To Resolve” project the other day and it changed my feelings somewhat. I don’t know whether it’s just that the designers involved are awesome, or that I find myself temporarily free of contract, or that it’s the end of the worst month of the year – but I’ve found myself wondering what I want to be doing more of in 2012 – and this project made me think about it a little harder.

To Resolve is a design project launched last year by Chris Streger in which he asked a whole bunch of super talented designers to create an iPhone wallpaper of their new years resolution. Idea being that if it’s not just written on paper, but it’s on a device you look at a hundred times a day, you’ve got more chance of remembering your resolve.

Anyway, if you’re feeling a little uninspired I suggest you go check it out. As someone who rarely finds the time to do anything creative anymore and spends all her time thinking, I’ve downloaded David Pfluger‘s to try and remember mine.


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