Records I liked in 2009

Yes, if there’s one thing that’ll actually make me post on this blog, it’s the need my over-inflated sense of ego has to share with you my favourite records of the last year. Much though I love listing and this is quite obviously a top ten records list – it’s in no particular order. It’s too much of a mixmash of genres (and by that I mean about 3 – ooooh look how I’ve grown)¬† to go rating them numerically.

This was a pretty hard list for me, when I sat down to write it originally I figured it was just that I’d been rediscovering a lot of older stuff this year, but on conversing with other list makers it turns out that 2009 wasn’t the best year ever for music. Who knew?

Anyway, without further ado, I present you with my TOP TEN RECORDS OF 2009.

Dear Landlord – Dream Homes

I know I just made a big deal about them not being in order, but this is probably my record of the year. I was stoked for it to come out, I waited eagerly for my pre-order and it was everything I wanted it to be. Whenever I think about giving up on punk rock entirely I play this and I remember why I can’t.

Ben Nichols – The Last Pale Light In The West

Although the Lucero record made it on to this list, it was more out of sense of loyalty and a couple of great tracks than an immense love. This ep however is pretty much everything that made me love the band in the first place. Ben Nichols jumping the McCarthy wagon before it was (all that) cool.

Banner Pilot  РCollapser

Another one of the few punk entries. I feel pretty similarly about the Banner Pilot record than I did about Dream Homes, I know a lot of people like it less than Resignation and there are issues with the production and for a punk record it’s a bit of a grower but dude, come on now. Catchy as fuck end to end.

Broadway Calls – Good News, Bad Views

This was the pop punk record of the summer. I’m telling you, it’s literally impossible to feel bad when you’re listening to it. It kicked me out of countless bouts of depression this year. The Kingston show was one of the greatest shows of this year (there’ve been a bunch) Listen to it with your friends and some sunshine.

Lucero – 1372 Overton Park

I was SO excited for this record, listened to The Devil and Maggie a million times when they were streaming it on the ‘org. Preordered it to get the 6 tracks early and fell in love with a few of them. But lets face it kids, there’s a little more of the Billy Joel about this record than there needs to be. I’m imagining this as a Replacements kind of thing, I can’t imagine everyone loved say… Nightclub Jitters the first time they heard it. All round it’s still a pretty good record, but I’d love it if they removed some of the sax.

Chris Wollard and the Ship Thieves – S/T

I know the digital release was in 08, but if Punk News are putting it on their lists I’m putting it on mine. This record rules. But then I love when punk dudes grow up and write country songs about whiskey and girls.

Kevin Devine – Brother’s Blood

I’ve always been a fan of Kev, even when he was a massively whiney emo brat. The thing about this record is, he’s really gotten good at what he does. Honed his craft, become a singer songwriter of worth and although still a bit on the sad side is infused with more positivity than I’ve seen from him before. Listen and fall in love.

Yesterday’s Ring – Diamonds in the Ditch

I like beardy Canadians, what can I say ? I prefer Yesterday’s Ring to Sainte Catherines (kick me outta punx, I don’t care anymore) and this was the soundtrack to the early part of this year. It’s a narrative record too, and I’m a sucker for those.

Cursive – Mama I’m Swollen

I have always been a big Tim Kasher fangirl, and although this sounds more grown up and far less angular than any previous Cursive release, worry not, the subject matter hasn’t changed all that much. Saw them at Dingwalls earlier this year and he’s still a lovably insane alcoholic.

Neko Case – Middle Cyclone

I love Neko. I’d like to be Neko. This is her most accessible record to date. You should all own it. Period.

5 records not on the list, but would be if it was a top 15.

William Elliot Whitmore – Animals in the Dark

Fake Problems – It’s Good To Be Alive

Austin Lucas – Somebody Loves You

Monsters of Folk – S/T

Eilen Jewell – Sea of Tears

And the compulsory 2009 mix, featuring a song from each of the named records. Click the tracklisting for download.

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