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proper endings and big decisions

I think I may have found a house.
It is in an awesome location, there is a cat, and my potential new housemate, seems to be, to all intents and purposes a great, grown-up, punkrockabilly girl.
I guess my reluctance to jump up and down in excitement is less financial (which is what I have been pretending to myself) and mostly about the fact that as soon as I move out, it’s all properly over with Miles. And the hurting/healing process has to start, because although splitting up is the right thing to do long-term, still loving the person you’re breaking up with is about the worst short-term solution.
Anyhow, I’m gonna go see the place again tonight, and make a proper decision.
I’ve never had this much difficulty making a decision in my entire life.
I’m done with April.
It’s Against Me! tomorrow. That had better make everything better.

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