This September 3rd ( happily, mere weeks before my birthday) Jaws is getting it’s Blu ray release. I’ve been waiting for this for as long as, well as long as 1080p has been an option.

There’s a whole bunch of awesome extras not included on the last 3 DVD editions of Jaws (although some of it, obviously is) including :The Shark is Still Working: The Impact and Legacy of Jaws which I missed the London screening of last year.

Anyway, Universal have released a featurette about the restoration process which is below. Watch it and marvel at the sheer lengths they’ve gone to. And then get excited.

Really though, 2012, can you get any better?

Indie Rock Love

It’s Valentine’s. I’m still very much smitten, so I (obviously) made a playlist, and now I’m putting it here.

It’s got some Jawbreaker, some Death Cab, some Nada Surf, bit of Jets to Brazil. All the classics.

That was all.

As you were.


Valentine’s from kimlovesstuff on 8tracks.



I’m not usually one for positive messages and quotes, I lived for that shit when I was younger but somewhere around your early thirties it becomes difficult to not find the whole thing “put a bird on it” twee.

This being said, I stumbled across the “To Resolve” project the other day and it changed my feelings somewhat. I don’t know whether it’s just that the designers involved are awesome, or that I find myself temporarily free of contract, or that it’s the end of the worst month of the year – but I’ve found myself wondering what I want to be doing more of in 2012 – and this project made me think about it a little harder.

To Resolve is a design project launched last year by Chris Streger in which he asked a whole bunch of super talented designers to create an iPhone wallpaper of their new years resolution. Idea being that if it’s not just written on paper, but it’s on a device you look at a hundred times a day, you’ve got more chance of remembering your resolve.

Anyway, if you’re feeling a little uninspired I suggest you go check it out. As someone who rarely finds the time to do anything creative anymore and spends all her time thinking, I’ve downloaded David Pfluger‘s to try and remember mine.


Greg Dulli – Paper Thin Hotel

This just made my day infinitely better (and today was find out how much tax I have to pay day – so it was no small order)

Dude. That’s Greg Dulli playing a heartbreaking song on the frickin’ piano. My level of swooning is out of control.

Did I mention how excited I was about ATP this year, yet? Cos I really am.

Anyway, it’s Dulli’s favourite Cohen song, and it’s part of a series of Cohen covers call “Old Ideas With New Friends” which features among others, AC Newman, Rhett Miller and Bradford Cox (I’m looking at you Sarah, it’s like misery times infinity)

Oh Summer!


Happy 2012. It’s been pretty busy so far, and I didn’t make any year end lists either. I decided to try and actually have a  Christmas break and IT WAS AWESOME

Anyway, I found this on my friend Tessa’s blog and although I’m loathed to post a Funny or Die video, it’s totally worth it.

I watched all the OC Chrismukkah episodes over the holidays, and thought about how goddamn bad Hart Of Dixie is. (Southland though, woah! Did you see the first episode of Season 4? Ryan WINS at post OC life)

You should watch this if you have any interest in early to mid 00s teen TV. C-DUB BITCHES!

Little Friday Pick-Me-Up?

I watched this first thing this morning and it made me grin like an idiot. This is the catchiest song of the Real Estate record anyway – and then they added in a whole bunch of happy dogs and sweaters.

It’s directed by the always awesome Weird Days, and it’s a perfect antidote to a bleak November day before the Holidays (officially) start.

Should you need more persuasion to watch the visual canine feast, I present you with this:


Ben Nichols – The Only One (Acoustic)

Occasionally, I forget to remember how much I love Lucero (more than life).

When I stumbled across this video of Ben playing The Only One in the back of their Warped tour bus, it was thankfully, not one such occasion.

It’s a perfect song -full stop –  but it’s a particularly perfect song for a slightly melancholy Saturday afternoon before the holidays.


This is too good to not post

Scott Weiland (yes, he of STP and DRUGS fame) has released a Christmas record! It’s called “The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year” and no one can tell whether he’s serious or not.

Whatever, the video for Winter Wonderland is my favourite thing about today. Check out his hair! It’s almost unnerving how much like a young Douglas Coupland he looks.

On repeat viewings, I’m beginning to think it’s possible that Scott Weiland can’t sing for shit….

Songs for November

The melancholy of the bleak season as Autumn gives way to Winter brings out the emo in me. I’m perfectly happy, but I don’t want to hear ANY pop punk, I need to surround myself with swirly guitars and indie rock. Music to drink warm beverages and read books to.

I made it on 8tracks ‘cos I couldn’t be bothered with renaming everything. Downside of this is that 8tracks will randomise the order, so here’s what it should’ve sounded like.

Best enjoyed with a mulled apple & bourbon and someone to make out with.

It’s almost Halloween!

Edit: I’ve put up my Halloween mix on 8tracks, and you can stream it right here:

I’m planning on putting up my Halloween mix tape and some horror movie suggestions at sometime before the big day, but for right now, here’s my favourite Zombina song to get you in the mood. Oh, and they’re playing at Bloomsbury Bowl on Halloween should you be interested.