Why aren’t we content to just be middle class?

I just finished watching everything’s gone green.

Here is what I thought…

Overall, I liked it. It came closer than many things to describing post 20th century late 20’s trauma. But it seemed sort of clunky, the moral of the story seemed overly obvious and literally everything that happens is grabbed from another coupland tale. Parents havea gro-op in the basement brother is a corrupt real estate guy = jpod, father losing his job early on =microserfs, ming being a  location scout in vancouver/seeing aliens in the street  = girlfriend in a coma, and then the other obvious coupland themes. Strong family themes – a need for things to be real – a desire to feel it’s all bigger than you – the dissapation of the middle class etc etc.. are all represented here.

Having said all of that, it’s still very, very watchable, and if you aren’t obssessive about coupland then you will probably like it. If you are, then you might find yourself wishing for something more.

It’s a film in 3 segments. Section 1 at the beginning we find our protagonist (who has the most amazing smile, his eyes light up every time) dumped, unemployed and 29, something bizarre happens and he ends up getting a (kinda crappy) job, and meeting a girl who is unavailable. Section 2, our protagonist on looking around realises everyone is doing better than him, and remedies this by becoming corrupt himself and dating a hot girl with no personality. Section 3, our protagonist feels bad about this, and the loss of himself, so conveniently manages, within a very short timeframe, to not only become uncorrupt, but also to win the heart of the girl, become real, quit his job and drive off into the mountains.

It all just felt a little too neat for me, at the end of a coupland book you’re usually left like, well huh. Y’know? It’s a little clearer but it’s not finished and shrinkwrapped for your appreciation.

I am being too hard on the movie, it was nicely shot, it was good to see all those bits of Vancouver you’ve been reading about for years, I just expected it to be more deft and subtle in its script is all.

I’m off to go watch dexter season 2 episode 2. ba-boom.

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I wannna always feel like part of this was mine…

You know those nights when you NEED to go out, ‘cos something might happen? it just feels that way, you listen to some songs that make you remember that somewhere in the world there are people worth getting to know. That all it can take to change everything, is just one night… tonight feels like one of those nights.

Can’t do anything about it though, lost my cashcard the other night, so can’t actually get any money from anywhere. And anyway, there’s no one around. Robyn is back in America, back on tour, back having fun. Tara is at comicon. Fuck, even Jamie is working til late o clock.

The only thing that compares to the nights out that change life are the nights in that are perfect. And I haven’t had one of those for about 3 years.

You know that bit in beautiful girls , where natalie portmans character is upset about staying in on a saturday night, and tim hutton is all *you have a million saturday nights ahead of you* ? Yeah, feeling that, in the sense that I don’t have a million saturday nights ahead of me, my 20s are all but done and I still haven’t managed to locate my designated other.

I miss America. I miss feeling like nothing IS and everything COULD be.

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forget it, she already did.

Today I kind of feel like Angela at the end of the my-so-called-life episode self esteem (it’s the buffalo tom episode) I know I am being an idiot, but I sort of like it. I should know better.

I can suddenly feel a my-so-called-life marathon coming on.

Tara is at fake truckfest, since the real one got cancelled, due to the apocalyptic weather. So I slept for 10 hours, and have spent the day slacking around with no make up on doing sunday stuff. Best.Weekend.Ever. Haven’t left the house once. Monster foot might actually recover.

I went to the midnight screening of transformers on friday night, after awesome veggie indian in angel. Midnight screening, probably not the best idea after 3 hours sleep the night before, but as aforementioned, recently. I am an idiot. (Jamie’s being quite sensible, we need to restore the universal balance). So the opening was good (but as usual, with Bay’s direction), the action begins to slide and theres that hoour long period in the middle where nothing really happens and you get a bit bored. I fell asleep during this part. The Transformers looked pretty good though, and the action sequences were great. From what I can remember, the plot was extremely thin on the ground, and some of the later developments seemed more ridiculous than the CGI wolves in day after tomorrow. But it’s worth going to see at the cinema, if only for the stuff blowing up, and giant robot attacks. Bay is good at that. It’s about all he’s good at.

Highlights of the cinema experience were; Tara being hit on by the acne faced confectionary stand guy, “hey mamma, I’ll hook you up with half price candy” and the JJAbrams trailer beforehand, I’d seen it on appletrailers, but it looks fricken awesome on the big screen, and y’all know how much I despise LOST. I’m pretty excited.

It hasn’t rained yet today. Don’t worry, it’s going to pour tomorrow.

If we can just make it through the next month or so without a heat wave then summer will be over, and I’ll have survived it unscathed. Roll on fall. And impending 30th birthday gloom.

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