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Look for comfort in the stars, and the sound of your guitar

I’ve been meaning to write this post for about a million years but my life has been especially fluxy of recent, so I apologise for being so slack. It’s just not hip in 2009.

Around this time of year I make a bunch of Fall mixtapes and distribute them to my nearest and dearest, for the purposes of stomping leaves in the park in hoodies and iPods. Every year without fail there is a common track, Jeff Caudill’s acoustic version of Daylight Savings. I can’t even begin to explain how comforting this track is to me.

This is the way I feel about most of Mr Caudill’s creative output, there’s something about his soothing west coast tones that work like Diazepam on me. So when he mailed me a CD of covers and odds and ends last month, I’m not gonna lie. I was pretty excited.

“Every Last Song” isn’t generally available, which is sad because every one should hear his cover of Jawbreaker’s Ache (previous to this I only had a live version of this off a firewalkwithme comp, got me all kinds of sentimental) If you’re interested and you want to hear it, I posted in it on tumblr, here.

He posted a new video to the track “Dreaming in Real Time” on his site, which I’ve embedded for your viewing pleasure.

His new acoustic CD “Had To Be There” will be available digitally in the near future.

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