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LDN snow and how I forgave the Gaslight Anthem

So, today was the first actual snow day that London has had since 1991, ALL the buses were withdrawn and only two tube lines were running. Awesome. I was looking for a reason to spend another day in bed.

My friend Andy text me to let me know that there was an interview with Benny from Gaslight on the latest Issue Oriented podcast, and it might restore my faith in them. It did. He makes some valid points and kind of made me remember why we all got into punk in the first place.Y’all should go listen to it.

I thought about going to see them in Portsmouth on Saturday night, but the last train back to London is 10.18! Seriously. it’s no wonder no-one does anything in this godforsaken country.

But then I found the video of Gaslight on Letterman last night, and it made everything better.

It’s just starting to get dark again and it’s still snowing, the sky has got that ethereal glowy thing going on, the one that only happens when it snows at night. I only have 8 days left in the office til my garden leave starts yet I’m still hoping for another day at home tomorrow. I’m off to watch Groundhog Day and think about how many redemptive movies Bill Murray has made….

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