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Kristia Moya is my new favourite thing

So, the other day I was going through my RSS and found a link to the Just A Quiet Evening comp on punknews. It features a bunch of people that you’ve probably not heard of yet,  doing acoustic covers of (amongst others) Brand New, Lifetime, Saves The Day, Broadway Calls and Bouncing Souls. The cover of Lifetime’s  Young, Loud, and Scotty by one Kristia Moya (of Dead Ringer) instantly became my favourite thing about this month. She’s barely 21, hails from New Jersey and seems to love the 90s almost as much as me.

On googling her YouTube (she has dozens of acoustic covers up – like a punk rock Julia Nunes -less trading on adorable, more on awesome) I discovered she’s also a Jawbreaker obsessive and has covered a bunch of not just Jawbreaker but Jets to Brazil stuff. So yes, she’s my new favourite and after you watch this video she might well be yours too – check out her cover of Jawbreaker’s Jinx Removing:

Kind of like smitten? You can get the Dead Ringer demo on their bandcamp and download Kristia’s covers from Mediafire.

Their official facebook is here and Kristia just posted an acoustic version of their new song “We’re Brown As Fuck” from their upcoming EP. That should keep you going for a little while, eh?

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