jonathan cainer..

is still my joint favourite astrologer – along with astrobarry.
todays cainercast

One temptation is pushing you, one need is pulling you and one obligation is slicing away every rope that’s holding you in your current position. Like it or not, you’ve got to move forward. The universe knows precisely what it wants from you and it’s not especially interested in your opinion. Resistance is useless but, fortunately, despite the trepidation you feel or the misgiving that you can’t quite shake, off, the inevitable change is due to prove perfect in every respect

the  accuracy levels are redamndiculous. Thanks! The Universe, you’re really helping me out here. Ha ha.

weekend has flitted between terrible and lovely, haven’t left the house much, have watched movies and cooked and baked and consumed more tea than I ever imagined possible.

but soon it will be tomorrow, and work begins again, and lou is back, and jamie is back, and collecting my stuff together and putting it in boxes is soon to start, as does moving on.

this equinox has been mostly, fitting.

Also, I am on MARVEL movie overload.

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