I'm back with scars to show…

Weakerthans were pretty much awesome tonight, they did leave me sorta bummed though. Age appropriate shows are always full of office-worker couples. Kinda depressing. There’s this 2 hour slot where everything makes sense and life is the way it’s supposed to be, and then it’s over, and you go home, and you go to sleep and you wake up and you go to work, and that’s what life is.
I don’t hate my job, far from it, but sometimes I wonder how any of this happened to me. The lonesome plodding aspect of it all. Getting drunk and going to shows and kissing random boys is only a tiny part of the time, big picture wise.
I think maybe I still just want someone to stay home and listen to records with… When did it all get so complicated? When was the last time when something was a clear choice without a million tricky variables? Being a grown up is way overrated.

One reply on “I'm back with scars to show…”

cue the unlovables: ‘everything’s overraaaateh-eey-ed…’

when i stop relating everything in life to lyrics i’ll be dead. xx

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