If only you were lonely..

I can’t stop listening to that song, be it the the (original) Replacements, the Ben Nichols cover or the Hi Ho Six Shooter version (from the Replacements punk tribute) it’s all infectiously good. I might upload them later so you can sigh too.

Went to the Big Red 5th birthday party on friday night, with Poke and Robyn, Morrissey was there. No, really. Morrissey was there, with some friends, just kicking back in Holloway. Haha. There was a fair amount of fan boy worship going on, but mostly people just seemed to respect his privacy, which was good. I ended up in the usual drawn out smoking arguments about what emo was, and how it’s clearly Dear You that is Jawbreakers best record. It was nice to see some old faces too. Poke and Grimes were done by about 12.30 though, so we all headed home, early as you like.

Robyn trying to snap Morrissey without him seeing

Had perfect hangin’ with my bestest day yesterday, lots of wandering, and shopping, and hanging, and PLENTY of rehydration.Wish she didn’t live in the back of fucking beyond. I don’t even think it’s a zone. I think it’s a letter. Jeez!

It’s Bookers birthday tomorrow, Hulk premiere Tuesday, SATC with Grimes Wednesday, and I’m pretty sure Alanna is up as of Thursday/Friday so I’m enjoying some solitary downtime with movies and cleaning today. This weekends revelation. I really do like to be alone. Haha.

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Thanks so much for recommending the song “If Only You Were Lonely” – I checked out the Hi Ho Six Shooter version and am loving its dark, understated beauty. I haven’t been able to hear more than a few seconds sample of the Replacements original though; would you/could you upload it if you get a chance? Ta.

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