I just want to believe

I found *Jesse Lacey Live Acoustic, Downtown* yesterday. And I haven’t been able to stop listening to it since.
AND he covers Accident Prone – hearing it was pretty much, an oh wow moment for me.
You should all search for the rapidshare and get it.

In other news- we went to see Nada Surf last night @ the Scala – they were pretty good. The 3 of them all look like they should be in different bands though – especially the bass player who (to all intents and purposes) appears to be a complete idiot. Mick Hucknall meets Jeremy Leveller with a terrible hat, and smoking on stage isn’t big or clever (unless you’re Greg Dulli) (who incidently played KoKo last night) stropping all over the place, breaking bass strings. Matthew Caws was extremely personable  – and about as mainstream indie rock as I’ve seen a man be. I think I may be in love with the drummer though. When did he get sleeves? My only complaints -besides the crowd of regular people/losers – were with regard to the speed that Always Love and Inside of Love were played. SLOWER is BETTER. That being said paper boats was a somewhat religious experience.
Rogue Wave were suprisingly good, at building songs up and holiding them there, even cheesy stage pranks with drums kind of worked for them.
I’d better get back to blogging for work.

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