i heart it

So, this week sucked huh? For everyone. It’s the planets, it’s not you. It’s not showing any signs of becoming more awesome in the few remaining weeks of the year either. This has caused me to take refuge in the cocoon of my room, when I probably should be outside having fun. I can’t be trusted not to drink until there’s nothing left to drink. It’s a seasonal dilemma.

But, (don’t worry, this wasn’t going to be a depressing post all the way through) my favourite thing to do this week, amidst trying to find the creativity to write at work, and drink at home, is to add things to my WE HEART IT account. Like fffound, but a little more 2.0 and a little less clicky, it’s a social image bookmarking site. And it rules. Because idiots haven’t found it yet it’s still full of thousands of amazing images for you to trawl through. I can get lost in here for hours on end. It’s also great for reminding you that art is still important, even if you’ve sold your own copywriting soul to corporate media.

Anyhow, should you feel so inclined here’s my weheartit, add me up. We’ll gush about helvetica and sex together.

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