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her lips movin' with the words, her lips swayin' as she turns…

I know it’s just the crazy Pisces full moon and Jupiter and Pluto being about to go direct and Mercury about to go retrograde, but seriously… it’s getting hard to stay awesome positive with all the crazy. I only figured out today that it’s the September full moon in Pisces every year that makes me all crazy before my birthday, I’d just figured I was freaking about being old. For someone who considers themselves perceptive I really need to be more alert.

But hurrah anyway, rainy September is upon us, and new Gossip Girl, Dexter, 90210 and True Blood have already been watched. Dexter – hmmmmm, I’m not sure. I don’t think I like Jimy Smits character and I got a little bored midway through the episode. It’s a bad sign if I am getting bored midway through S3E01. Really. I still HATE Rita,this means Julie Benz must be amazing at playing her ‘cos I loved her as Darla, she’s just such an annoying weak family orientated doormat. I still don’t like Deb either, her faux masculinity and desperate need for validation grate on me. Actually, on thinking about it, I don’t really like any of the cast much, with the exception of Dexter. The writers on that show do an amazing job, to make me feel as unattached as their protagonist yet keep coming back to watch week after week.

90210 doesn’t even bear talking about. We already have Gossip GIrl and it’s all we need for disposable teen TV thanks. Oh, and Rufus totally has the hot dad thing sewn up, so please don’t even bother.

Do you get that thing when you have a record in your collection that you know pretty much back to front, but then you listen to something else that contextualises in a completely different way ? (You know what a sucker for intertextuality I am) See, I’ve been listening to “We’ll Inherit the Earth – A Tribute to the Replacements” a lot recently. I think it’s my favourite covers record ever, anyhow, this made me go downstairs to my actual physical format music and transfer the Replacements “Tim” onto my ipod. Getting to know that album well has put a whole new spin on Lucero’s “Nobody’s Darlings”. I literally cannot stop listening to Sixteen right now. And that was pretty much the song that made me fall in love with Lucero in the first place.

I don’t really have much to say about it, I’m gonna put all the relevant songs on the mixtape I’m making tomorrow, and for now I’m going to go and spend the day watching movies and be excited about best girlfriends and cigarettes and whiskey drinks.

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