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Greg Dulli – Paper Thin Hotel

This just made my day infinitely better (and today was find out how much tax I have to pay day – so it was no small order)

Dude. That’s Greg Dulli playing a heartbreaking song on the frickin’ piano. My level of swooning is out of control.

Did I mention how excited I was about ATP this year, yet? Cos I really am.

Anyway, it’s Dulli’s favourite Cohen song, and it’s part of a series of Cohen covers call “Old Ideas With New Friends” which features among others, AC Newman, Rhett Miller and Bradford Cox (I’m looking at you Sarah, it’s like misery times infinity)

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I remember seeing The Twilight Singers years ago at Islington Academy, and Greg played something on the keys, but said that he hadn’t been playing long.. He’s come on a bit since then…
Last year I went to see The Twlight Singers play in Shoreditch, and was drunk enough to have a chat with Mr Dulli after the gig. As much as I love just about everything that he’s been involved in, I did say that I missed out on the Whigs, and wish that I had seen them live. He reminded me that he sometimes plays solo, and does play the old songs then. I like to think that he remembered our conversation, and thought that he’d call the other band members to make someone’s year!

I can hardly wait..

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