godamn it was nice

In the last month LOTS has happened, and none of it has been documented. I thought I’d skirt some issues here.

I’ve seen the Loved Ones, Milloy, Buffalo Tom and somehow managed to see Lucero 3 times.

I’ve fallen back in love. Figured out my housing situation and reconciled a fair amount of things I needed too.

I’ve also spent longer in bed than I think I have all year.

Robyn arrives home today, and then it’s christmas. For the first time ever I get to spend christmas with the one person I want to, with no family commitments.

Heroes and Dexter are both over, and there’s nothing to replace ’em, GAH, writers strike. I worry for next year.

I’m feeling pretty positive about life, and I’m not scared by the whole Pluto/Jupiter deal that starts tomorrow.


Books and bands and movies and TV and booze, mostly.