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I’m in the best mood than I’ve been in all year recently. This is due in no small part to the annual Reading time influx of boys in bands in London Town.

Thursday was the night of guiltiest of all pleasures in the form of Taking Back Sunday. I know, and we’ve been through this before, but I love them and him, in a know all the words sing a long a really loud kind of a way. So I went, got in, but found out we didn’t have passes and had to stand with the kids. It was almost liberating, it sounds much better from in front of the stage… Fucking kids though, a million cameraphones in the air. Just watch the fucking show! That way you might have a memory. I miss the 90s when only photographers had cameras and the internet wasn’t clogged up with billions of shaky, dark, some dudes on a stage pictures. Adam Lazzara seemed equally annoyed by this situation. Anyhow, it was good and it was fun and I stayed out til 7 drinking.

Yesterday ( a little hungover, has to be said) was the Gaslight Anthem in store at RTE. I was all excited about it the whole week and was right to be, cos they were fucking incredible. Super tight, great musicians, genuine and passionate. I think I love them now more than I did, and it was a pretty big problem for me before. They played mostly 59 sound stuff, but also Ida Called You Woody, Joe & We Came to Dance off the first record and Senor & The Queen and Say I Won’t (Recognize) of the EP. It was, honestly, the happiest I have been this year.

Oh yeah, as suspected, Brian is pocket sized, this just makes him all the more adorable (and for the first time ever, not in a condescending way). He’s an old soul perfectly capable of slipping into Stand By Me or Sweet Soul Music mid song, and making it sound like it belongs. I’m a sucker for all that Jersey romanticism, so I’m biased (and a little gushy) but really – this band is nearly perfect. They make me feel the way that I felt when I was 13 years old and music started making me feel somthing. That’s all.

There would be pictures in this post, but I like to actually enjoy the shows. Sorry.

I am SO excited to dance hard on monday night at the proper show. It’s going to be the best.time.ever.

I’m at Lou’s house btw, but she’s gone out to buy hair colour and I’m here alone. We’re still thinking about the intervention.

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