feels a lot better…

It’s been a kind of awkward week huh? So many changes on the horizon left me reeling a little and had me ending my detox a little earlier than planned (hey I went 13 days without drinking or smoking, I was pretty impressed) but you know what. Outside and drinking and boys is fun. Sometimes.

I went to a screening of W on thursday, I’m not allowed to review it til next week though. I’ll get around this by not saying anything about what actually happens, and instead talk about how I felt about what happened.

I still, 4 days later, am not sure how I felt about the movie, whether I liked it or not, or whether I just felt a little bit meh about the entire affair. It didn’t watch like an Oliver Stone movie, it was lacking sensationalism and didn’t begin to spiral out of control somewhere around the three quarters of the way through mark. It was however a little bit too long, so there was still at least one constant for me to cling to. The thing that left me confused about my feelings is this, it completely humanises Bush, and almost makes you feel bad for the dude and his desperate desire for paternal approval. However it also paints him as the grade A fucking idiot that he is, this somewhat balanced approach isn’t something I expect from Stone and definitely not something I’d expect from a Bush biopic.

Thandie Newton is amazing as Condoleezza Rice (to the extent I couldn’t really figure out who was portraying her), Dreyfuss was as usual brilliant, even playing Cheney he’s somehow a little likeable, also still a complete douche, worry not. Josh Brolin did a superb job as W. It’s good to see him get something substantial for a change, he totally deserved it – he’s been slogging away pretty continuously since The Goonies.

I’m going to a Max Payne tomorrow night, which should be interesting. Haha.

Best new find of the weekend was Poladroid which Lou tipped me off about, it’s my new favourite app. Macs only I’m afraid PC kids, but isn’t it time you moved to the dark/more expensive side – those new macbooks are all kinds of dreamy. Anyway, you just install Poladroid, and then drag any image file into it, and it spits you out a polaroid version, you then have to wait as it develops right before your eyes on your desktop. It’s more fun even than Qamera for i-sight that Fessey and I spent a fair chunk of last week playing with.

Right, I’m off to watch Pineapple Express. Later, my loves.

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