d-o-w-n and that's the way we get down.

It’s been a busy busy couple of weeks. A lot has changed, and yes, I am being deliberately cagey.

I’m going to see Buffalo Tom with the right person on saturday night, it should be amazing, in the proper teenage sense of the word.

I rewatched All the Real Girls last weekend, and remembered exactly why I was so in love with David Gordon Greens direction. It’s comes closer to perfection than anything else I’ve seen in the last 10 years, while at the same time never getting too film school’y’ y’know?

Paul Schneider IV should have more work than he does too. He seems to have fallen into the THAT kind of guy typecast role, with Lars and the Real Girl and Elizabethtown as the Southern older brother  guy. It may mark the beginning of another big Zooey Deschanel phase too, it is after all, the time of year to be watching Elf over and over.

I (we – whatever) went to the Premiere of Fred Claus last week.

Firstly –¬† Vince Vaughn is tall, but struck me as a bit of a bingo caller/caberet compere type,

Secondly – It really isn’t all that good. I kind of expected more. It’s no Elf, hell, it’s not even Santa Claus The Movie.

I want to go home and watch Scrooged now.

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