gaslight anthem punkrock

Come on now Maria show me some magic.

Some things of note.

You should all go here, and click Gaslight Anthem under AP Acoustic Sessions. There’s an awesome interview with Brian and he does about 4 acoustic tracks. My love affair with that band shows no signs of easing up, they make me feel the way I did when I was a teenager listening to the evening session and I really thought there was a whole world of awesome out there waiting. It’s a pretty impressive feat, I am a jaded 31 year old punx after all.

My staying home and detoxing thing is going awesome, thanks. Daily yoga makes life so much better. Someone should remind me of this when I resume my alcoholic lifestyle come Halloween. I still don’t know where I’m going or who as by the way.

I’m also sort of in love with SNAG FILMS. It’s a documentary site where everything is free to stream but pay to download. It’s awesome. They have some great content (particularly music related) and it’s always good to see someone doing something worthwhile particularly when you’re not.

It’s also properly autumn now. I love fall. I’m planning on leaf stomping in the park at the next available opportunity.

I’ll update with something more coherent soon, promise.

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