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you're just a phase I've gotten over anyhow…

Sick sick sick. I thought I was better, but apparently no, I was just drunk. I had all manner of grandiose plans for this weekend, erotic comics lecture with Jess and then Cloak/Dagger tonight, instead I’ve spent the day in bed feeling more than a little pathetic.

The one thing that’s making me feel better about this is that everyone in the world seems to be ill right now. I blame Obama, it’s a global post happiness comedown. It’s also got a little bit of Coupland apocalyptica about it, like this is how the world will end, everyone’ll just get ill and tired and things will ground to a halt.

I mean all of this in the most light hearted of manners, of course. I’m done with doom and gloom in anything but the most superficial sense.

Anyway. Things are going to start to get all kinds of awesome all kinds of fast soon enough, crazy sky stuff is happening and everything is going to be a-okay. All of my favourite smartest astrologers do say.

I watched Let The Right One In this evening, I’ve had it on my macbook a few weeks, but no time to watch it (thanks illness) until now. I’d seen the trailer and followed the festival based hype and you know how I get for anything vampire related. (And also, swedish cinema, who remembers me during my slightly depressive Lukas Moodysson phase?)

I’m pleased to reprt that it’s pretty fantastic. The pacing and cinematography are spot on, the language is just sparse enough to convey more than it ever could were the characters more verbose. The girl (Lina Leandersson) who plays Eli the vampire, is incredible, managing to look 10 and a hundred years old simultaneously. It’s a beautiful and teensy bit gothic take on a coming of age story, and the idea that you can find one person in the world that can make all of it okay and protect you (in this case, quite literally) from everything. There are many complex relationships that I’ll have to go back and study when I’m feeling slightly less retarded, it’s the type of film you’ll be able to spend the next year unpacking. And if you’re like me, trying to figure out why it’s only ever European cinema that offers us anything so simple and so clever.Hmmmm.

I’m gonna go and take some codeine and pass out ready for another less than copacetic work week.



I have started trying to read 3 books in the past few days. But none of them are about Bella and Edward so they currently hold no appeal. It’s like when you finish a Coupland book and you can’t find anything as magnificent as Doug to read after. But with vampires, really, really attractive vampires. Maybe some Poppy Z Brite? I’m never far away from a gothy phase. I’m gonna go and search my bookshelves before people return home. Thank god it’s only 38 days til I can read again.

Ooooh, R27 was deployed today. FUN! content planning a go go. Can’t wait til the weekend.

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teen vampire obssession goes into overdrive

seriously though. how good does everyone look?
I can’t wait.
my amazon order arrived at work on friday, the last book is waiting there for me.

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2 down one to go

I finished New Moon this morning, now I have to wait til next week for Amazon to deliver Eclipse, the third installment of the Twilight series.
I am pretty excited about getting it, and even more excited about the film. FUCK YES.
My teenage vampire obssesion took a pretty bad hit after the end of Buffy, but at last, I found something to fill the hole.
I loaned Lou Twilight the other day, I’m looking forward to having someone to discuss the hotness of Edward Cullen with.
Anyhow, I’m going. I’m moving out next week and I’m spending my last saturday night with Miles.
I made sweet potato fries and everything.
I love sweet potato fries.

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