New Mixtapes.



Pop punk outfit of awesome Mixtapes released their new EP Hope Is Important last week. Needless to say it’s fantastic, and you should head over to and pick it up for a paltry 5 bucks. It probably won’t blow your mind as it’s more of the same from Cincinatti’s finest, but it will, because they’re consistently great.

What sets Mixtapes aside from the rest of the pop punk crowd for me, isn’t just the juxtaposition of sweet female/gruff male vocals or any of that, but the slightly grumpy, don’t want to party all the time but with an underlying sense of positivity lyrics.

Anyway, enough from me, they just released a video for the title track from “Hope Is For People”. Watch it, fall in love with it and all of that Latterman inspired pop punk summer stuff.

There are still no plans for them to come to the UK as yet, but they’re heading out across the US this Summer with Dear Landlord, and later with Red City Radio. (which I’m a little gutted about missing)

Check out their bandcamp here

New Red City Radio Video!

Remember how I put Spinning In Circles Is A Gateway Drug in my best of the year list?

Well, now I’m stoked that Red City Radio have released a video for the very same audio masterpiece. It’s by no means world changing, it’s pretty standard punk fair as far as videos go, but it’s still catchy as fuck and cheering up my slightly miserable, rainy Thursday afternoon.

It does however, make me feel massively aware that I work in marketing.

Kristia Moya is my new favourite thing

So, the other day I was going through my RSS and found a link to the Just A Quiet Evening comp on punknews. It features a bunch of people that you’ve probably not heard of yet,  doing acoustic covers of (amongst others) Brand New, Lifetime, Saves The Day, Broadway Calls and Bouncing Souls. The cover of Lifetime’s  Young, Loud, and Scotty by one Kristia Moya (of Dead Ringer) instantly became my favourite thing about this month. She’s barely 21, hails from New Jersey and seems to love the 90s almost as much as me.

On googling her YouTube (she has dozens of acoustic covers up – like a punk rock Julia Nunes -less trading on adorable, more on awesome) I discovered she’s also a Jawbreaker obsessive and has covered a bunch of not just Jawbreaker but Jets to Brazil stuff. So yes, she’s my new favourite and after you watch this video she might well be yours too – check out her cover of Jawbreaker’s Jinx Removing:

Kind of like smitten? You can get the Dead Ringer demo on their bandcamp and download Kristia’s covers from Mediafire.

Their official facebook is here and Kristia just posted an acoustic version of their new song “We’re Brown As Fuck” from their upcoming EP. That should keep you going for a little while, eh?

Look for comfort in the stars, and the sound of your guitar

I’ve been meaning to write this post for about a million years but my life has been especially fluxy of recent, so I apologise for being so slack. It’s just not hip in 2009.

Around this time of year I make a bunch of Fall mixtapes and distribute them to my nearest and dearest, for the purposes of stomping leaves in the park in hoodies and iPods. Every year without fail there is a common track, Jeff Caudill’s acoustic version of Daylight Savings. I can’t even begin to explain how comforting this track is to me.

This is the way I feel about most of Mr Caudill’s creative output, there’s something about his soothing west coast tones that work like Diazepam on me. So when he mailed me a CD of covers and odds and ends last month, I’m not gonna lie. I was pretty excited.

“Every Last Song” isn’t generally available, which is sad because every one should hear his cover of Jawbreaker’s Ache (previous to this I only had a live version of this off a firewalkwithme comp, got me all kinds of sentimental) If you’re interested and you want to hear it, I posted in it on tumblr, here.

He posted a new video to the track “Dreaming in Real Time” on his site, which I’ve embedded for your viewing pleasure.

His new acoustic CD “Had To Be There” will be available digitally in the near future.

Too hot for mixtapes

Okay, it’s not, that was a lie. It’s never too hot for mixtapes. It is too hot for pretty much everything else though. In the midst of this heatwave, while hanging out of my window smoking cigarettes and wishing it would cool down, I decided to make a mixtape specifically for this purpose. It’s all sultry and summer and should be enjoyed with Bourbon over ice and preferably not listened to before 2am.

Sorry, I had to upload it to rapidshare, ‘cos it’s just over the mediafire upload limit. It’s probably worth it though. But then, I would say that, I made it.

Click the tracklisting for the download.


Levis Jeans and Leather Jackets…

The new Lucero record is finished. HURRAH. This is possibly the thing I’m looking forward to most in 2009. There’s no info on it yet, but I did find an awesome live set from DC earlier this year. And dude, they cover ‘Aint No Sunshine. I’ve heard from people there that it was the drunkest anyone has ever seen Ben.  I was reading a Suburban Home post a while back and the writer exhibited some concern Will Whitmore was going to get “Nicholed” before he had a chance to play. Good Going.

Here’s a video from the same dude who recorded the set (he posts loads of awesome stuff from around MD)

and here’s the link for the live set.

“Chariots of Fire” – Ben Nichols and Rick Steff from Tony Bowman on Vimeo.

sunny sunday awesome/help save ifyoumakeit.

I don’t know how many of you are aware of the awesomeness that is ifyoumakeit. If you’re not you should be. It’s the bestest punk rock video site on the whole wide interwebs and that’s for all the right reasons.

I post the stuff here a fair amount, I’m addicted to the pink couch sessions and pretty much everything else about it. You can also pick up a bunch of free/donation based records from some fucking incredible bands. In short. This site rules.

David, the dude who runs it all is having some financial difficulties and doesn’t think he’s going to be able to continue running it the way he has been for a while. This is BAD news people. but YOU can help, sling him a couple bucks  via the donate button on the homepage and help keep something awesome alive.

Yeah! Up The Punks!

Oh, and now you should watch Good Luck,  Stars Were Exploding, and feel pretty damn good about yourself.

Good Luck – Stars Were Exploding from If You Make It on Vimeo.

Also, I haven’t posted here for a while, I’ve been drowning in my tumblr, but don’t worry I’m planning on actually writing something soon. I know, exciting right?

I'm not sure how I feel about this

So, MTV seemed to have ripped off Josh Schwartz’s web only show Rockville CA, with their very own fake reality vehicle $5 cover. Why in the hell am I posting about it? Lucero are in it, that’s why.  Watch and try and figure out how you feel…. There are interviews and shit up on the site, but it’s geo filtered and I can’t be bothered with proxy stuff tonight.

MTV five dollar cover Trailer (HD)

stoked on Whitmore

So a couple weeks ago I went to see Will when he played the Borderline, the massive difference between this and every other time I’ve seen him play in town is the size of the crowd.

Usually Whitmore shows are somewhat “intimate” (see crobar/frith street/mucky pup) and although he’s played borderline before this time it was properly sold out. I’ve NEVER seen the borderline that busy, and a really mixed crowd, the usual whiskey drinking tattoed (everyone I’ve ever met in my life) kids, but also a little more of a Mojo reading element and some actual dads. It’s the same thing that started happen to Lucero around Rogues, Rebels…. time. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing, in the slightest, just a notable one. It’s probably not going to change anytime soon either since he played on this weeks Jools Holland. It actually couldn’t be happening to a nicer guy, love that dude.