2012 Music video

New Caitlin Rose video


There’s a new Caitlin Rose video, it’s for the song Piledriver Waltz that she recorded for Record Store Day this year. It’s a cover of the Alex Turner song – and it’s so good it made me like it, and I really hate Alex Turner.

It’s nice to hear something new from Caitlin, even if it is only a cover.


2012 mixtape Music

Indie Rock Love

It’s Valentine’s. I’m still very much smitten, so I (obviously) made a playlist, and now I’m putting it here.

It’s got some Jawbreaker, some Death Cab, some Nada Surf, bit of Jets to Brazil. All the classics.

That was all.

As you were.


Valentine’s from kimlovesstuff on 8tracks.


2011 Music video

Little Friday Pick-Me-Up?

I watched this first thing this morning and it made me grin like an idiot. This is the catchiest song of the Real Estate record anyway – and then they added in a whole bunch of happy dogs and sweaters.

It’s directed by the always awesome Weird Days, and it’s a perfect antidote to a bleak November day before the Holidays (officially) start.

Should you need more persuasion to watch the visual canine feast, I present you with this:


2011 lucero video

Ben Nichols – The Only One (Acoustic)

Occasionally, I forget to remember how much I love Lucero (more than life).

When I stumbled across this video of Ben playing The Only One in the back of their Warped tour bus, it was thankfully, not one such occasion.

It’s a perfect song -full stop –  but it’s a particularly perfect song for a slightly melancholy Saturday afternoon before the holidays.


2011 Christmas! Music video

This is too good to not post

Scott Weiland (yes, he of STP and DRUGS fame) has released a Christmas record! It’s called “The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year” and no one can tell whether he’s serious or not.

Whatever, the video for Winter Wonderland is my favourite thing about today. Check out his hair! It’s almost unnerving how much like a young Douglas Coupland he looks.

On repeat viewings, I’m beginning to think it’s possible that Scott Weiland can’t sing for shit….

2011 mixtape Music

Songs for November

The melancholy of the bleak season as Autumn gives way to Winter brings out the emo in me. I’m perfectly happy, but I don’t want to hear ANY pop punk, I need to surround myself with swirly guitars and indie rock. Music to drink warm beverages and read books to.

I made it on 8tracks ‘cos I couldn’t be bothered with renaming everything. Downside of this is that 8tracks will randomise the order, so here’s what it should’ve sounded like.

Best enjoyed with a mulled apple & bourbon and someone to make out with.

2011 bands Music video

As Summer draws to a close….

Whitmore releases his official video for Field Song, off the album Field Songs. It’s pretty much perfect, and if you’re female worth watching right up to the end for some WEW based swoons.

Be warned though. It might make you want to give up your career in social media and buy a farm.

Just me then?


2011 Music video

A Little Light Relief

I’m not going to weigh in with my views on what’s happening, or why, or what we should do about it. Because nobody seems particularly qualified to be making those calls right now. The world is currently a pretty bleak looking place, so instead of pondering on it and getting more depressed I’m recommending that you watch the new Eilen Jewell video for Warning Signs from her latest record, “Queen Of The Minor Key” because it’s good and it makes me smile, and that’s what I need.

2011 lucero video

There’s never a bad time for Lucero…

It’s a pretty grey, muggy Tuesday afternoon. Summer has once again, temporarily departed and everything feels a bit meh.

I was daydreaming of a perfect slightly sleepy, slightly melancholy Summer afternoon, and then I found this, and I had to dream no more.

It’s not going to make you want to work though.

2011 bands Music

Jeff Caudill Record & UK Tour


I’m going to try and blog more often than once a month. I mean it this time.

Anyway, the thing I wanted to talk to you about this June is Jeff Caudill.

It’s a well documented fact that I love(d) Gameface, and pretty much everything that Jeff has done since. You might also be aware that my favourite Gameface LP was 2001s “Always On”

The album was as radio friendly as anything the band ever did, with My Star becoming a bona fide indie radio hit. I could talk forever about each of the songs and the memories that they hold. But then that’s what was so great about Gameface, their songs were always so easy to make your own….  But I digress.

So, fast forward a decade, and Jeff has just released Always On – an acoustic LP to mark the tenth anniversary of the original. All your favourites, but acoustic and a little more mature (I swear, if the new version of Warmest Heart Attack doesn’t melt your heart just a little bit, then you probably don’t have one)

The record is available through Unless You Try, here – and is pressed on black, blue and clear vinyl. (You also get a copy of Every Last Song, the rarities and demo’s record that I love so much, with each purchase)

To support the release of this record, Jeff is heading to the UK this July. It’s a small DIY tour so it’d be awesome to see some of you there. Looking forward to the Windmill so much!

Dates are:

Monday, July 18

LONDON, UK at The Windmill Brixton

Tuesday, July 19
OXFORD, UK at The Gloucester Arms

Wednesday, July 20
SHEFFIELD, UK at The Greystones

Friday, July 22
BOLTON, UK at The Dog and Partridge

Thursday, July 28
CAMBRIDGE, UK at The Portland Arms